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    What are Virtual Gifts and what is their value?

    #Virtual Gift on #Techulator.

    I have participated in one of the creative writing contest in Techulator, announced by Vandana Maam and has also won a gift. But I didn't get a clear idea till date, what is actually these virtual gifts, what is their value in real terms and how to make use of them?

    Is it just a boosting up feature like, "likes", "star rating" type of a thing or does it have any other significance in real life terms, like cash credit or giveaways etc?

    I know it might be a stupid thing to ask, but it is better to ask help from friends rather than keeping mum about something which I need to know.

    Friends please make me understand.
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    Virtual Gift is just a way for members to appreciate each other by sending a virtual gift. If you send a gift to someone, that gift will appear in the profile of the recipient and also the recipient will receive 5 bonus points. There are certain limits in place and you can send only a limited number of gifts to others.

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    Does sending virtual gifts to your friends or fellow members cost the sender any points? I remember having seen something like that on the concerned page.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    In the old implementation, the sender had to sacrifice some points to send a virtual gift. It is no longer valid. There is no cost to the sender.

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    "Virtual gifts" is a fancy feature of TEC and its sister sites. It feels very pleasant when someone sends us a virtual gift from the gift shop. Moreover, it increases the friendship between two members.

    Some members also organise un-official contests in TEC/ISC. They use these virtual gifts as a prize for the winners of the contest.

    @Timmappa Kamat,
    In past, it used to cost points. But now, sending a virtual gift to a member does not cost points anymore. Tony sir has recently made some changes in the virtual gift shop and announced about it in ISC forum.

    However, I don't know whether it applies in Techulator too. We need confirmation of the webmaster for the said change.

    You can read the official announcement here.

    Update : Tony sir has confirmed about the change just few seconds ago (while I was writing this response).

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    Thanks for that valuable information Tony Sir.
    Thanks Muddassir for chipping in with the source and the additional information.

    Live....and Let Live!

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