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    I didn't receive my article approval notification through email

    I got a pleasant surprise this morning seeing my points and cash credit increasing. To know the details, I scrolled down my dashboard page and got to know that one of my articles got approved. I confirmed it from my alerts in the site too. But it is now quite a while that I haven't received the notification of article approval through email.
    I am raising this complaint to let the webmasters know about it and check out if anything has gone wrong with the notification settings or if we need to make some changes to receive them henceforth.
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    As far as I know, there are no issues with email system. I have sent you a private message using our messaging system. Please confirm if you receive that email.

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    Yes Sir, I have received the email sent by you, but I haven't received the article approval mail yet.

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    Yes, sometimes it happens to me as well. For example, when this article of mine was published, I din't got the email notification.

    I didn't reported about it because it was a very minor issue for me.

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    It isn't a big issue for any of the members Mudassir, that's why I said I raised this complaint just to let the webmasters know about it, as we all want our favorite site to be bug free. Isn't it?

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    Don't mind, Anwesha. Muddassir did not mean to hurt you with his comments. Thanks for alerting the webmasters about the issue. It sometimes happens that the email does not arrive.
    As a side note, isn't it great to get surprises sometimes than getting to know of it by mail?
    Let us not argue, please.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    No way Timmappa, I know Mudassir didn't mean anything negative. Rather, today he was the first one to give me another good news regarding one contest in ITB. He made my day.
    I just wanted to clear my own point, that it is not a complaint at all, just a piece of information to share here, mainly to alert the webmasters.

    There's no place for any argument. Mudassir, hope you too didn't take it otherwise. Anyways, I am being tempted for more surprises.

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