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    Why some sister sites of ISC and TEC are not popular?

    Tony sir has more than 40 sites in his Spider Network, combining over 10 million views per month. Some of the sites in the network are very popular. For example, India Study Channel has over 100000 page views a day. Similarly Techulator and Dot Net Spider are very much polular too. All these sites have very active community. Lots of new content is getting published regularly. One new site in the network is India Travel Blog. Since it is a new site, I can't say much about it. I hope it will get popular very soon.

    However, some good sites are not so popular. Here I am talking about the activity on the site not its traffic. For example, Study Village and India India Review Channel are excellent sites with very good amount of traffic. But their community is no more active now. Initially, there was very much activeness in these sites but it is all faded now. There are no new Forum threads and articles posted for months.

    Why is it so? Are webmasters taking any action regarding this issue?
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    Good point brought up here, Muddassir. I was active on India Review Channel. But those being my initial days of website content writing, or for that matter my initial days with the internet world. Maybe I have a couple of contents over there. The site should be revived as it has great potential, but will it not be a competitor to Techulator to some extent.
    I guess I need to check other sites you mentioned. There was a new site named Scooters India. How is it functioning?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Not all sites in our network are expected to be community sites. It is very hard to maintain several communities. We would limit the community activities to ISC, Techulator and dotnetspider.

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    Has indiareviewchannel been closed?
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Even I had the same question in mind Mudassir, I registered in India Travel Blog and was very excited about it, but the editing process is too slow and the contest results are not announced after months. There are articles waiting in the new submission over than months. Even forum discussions do not get a speedy response.
    May be writers are a little bit confused whether the site is running or not, and are waiting for some conformation from the editors.
    There are also some questions and doubts, like there are many deleted articles of some particular author, and there are no announcement of payments to any member yet.
    All these might hold back the site from being popular as we all are used to the buzzing activity of ISC and TEC, so our expectations have risen high with all other sister sites of these two.

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    Just to let you know, you have already won the travel contest along with Juana ma'am. Congrats and enjoy your trip.

    You can check the announcement by Tony sir here -

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    Thank you for your honest feedback. You have always been very helpful in India Travel Blog by writing great articles as well as sharing your honest feedback.

    Regarding travel blog contest, we have published the winners here. Congratulations for winning the prize. We are looking forward to see you visiting Kerala soon.

    We have appointed an article editor in ITB and your resources will be quickly approved. We have another travel article contest coming soon.

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    Oh my God! Thank you so much Mudassir and Tony Sir for letting me know this. I just logged in a few days back but must have missed out the link, as in the first page there was no notification, nor did I receive anything in my email.
    Anyways, this was a very exciting surprise for me, but more than that I am feeling happy because ITB is picking up the speed for which I was waiting so eagerly.
    Thanks once again.

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