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    A glitch in Techulator

    From last few hours, I am facing a glitch in techulator. I cannot open any section except the Ask Experts section.

    For example, if am on homepage and I click on the Forum tab, it redirects me to the homepage again and again. Similarly, If I am on login page, it redirects me to login page again and again. However, Ask Experts section is still working. Other sections like Forum, Resource, Tips etc. are not working. This problem is also occuring in ISC.

    If I want to access a particular section, then I have to type the URL of a that section manually. It is a very hectic task. So webmaster, please resolve this issue as sson as possible. It is restricting me from posting content in techulator.
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    That could be because of the new layout introduced on the site. Are you using smartphone to access the site? In that case, I too faced this issue this morning. I hope you have noticed the new layout.
    When you click on forum a drop down option comes up, you need to click on the required option immediately. It will take you to the desired section. I am not facing any issue now either on phone or on my PC.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes, I am using mobile to access techulator. I am still facing the same issue.

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    I too use phone to access Techulator most of the time. When you tap on Forums or any subsection, you must be getting a drop down menu. As soon as it appears, tap on the sub menu you want to open. Do not wait till the page loads. You should be able to reach where you want to.
    I have checked it on Chrome. It works fine on UC Browser. Try it the way I mentioned. Revert with your observation.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Are you still facing the same problem? Let us know. Sometimes when back-end work is being done technically there are temporary glitches.


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    I am facing a similar trouble if I try to access any of the pages from the menu bar. It isn't working. It is showing the same page. Now the drop down menu which it is suggesting doesn't include the main page, and always asks for some sub section which I don't want to access.

    I am viewing this site from my laptop, but its the same for last two days.

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    If you mean the forum section, access the first option which says "Discussion Forums". This will take you to the home page of the forum section - just the same we used to access before.
    In case of articles, select "All articles". Strangely enough, I am not facing any issue on mobile or PC.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks Timmappa, yes that way it is working. Actually, I just wanted to access from the head menu itself which isn't the way might be.
    Anyway now things are fine.

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    I tried both UC Mini And Opera Browser on my Android but the problem is still there.

    I think the cause of this problem are drop-down menus. Tony sir has recently updated the layout of tec. He has added drop-down menus in all tabs except the Ask Experts section tab. These drop-down menus are not supported by some browsers, that's why these sections are not loading properly.

    I think this is a very serious issue, because it will restrict many visitors (who aren't familiar with tec's UI) of the site from entering into some important sections e.g., Resource, forum.

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    I am browsing the site on UC browser right now while posting this response and it is working fine for me.
    Let me make it clear to you. Are you getting the drop down menu? For example, when you tap on forums, the first option on the drop down menu is "Discussion forums". You need to tap on it. You will reach the usual forum menu.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Muddassir, has the issue been resolved? Please let us know whether you are still facing problems.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks for bringing up the issue. I have fixed the problem and it should work fine. Please let me know if you are still having any problems.

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    Good to see the issue being solved. But, was this affecting only some users? I noticed the change yesterday morning. However I did not face the issues mentioned by Muddassir.
    Or was it affecting only select browsers?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    It was happening only from mobile devices and it depends on how quickly you click the links and how hard you press the link. If you are fast and if you usually click press hard on the glass of your mobile, you won't notice the issue. It depends on your usage style

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    Now, the problem is more worse than before. Previously, I was able to click on the tabs, but now they are not clickable. Moreover, the tabs are not more in white colour, instead they are in black colour now. I am attaching an image here. I have encircled the unclickable tabs with red colour. Only Ask Experts tab is working. This snapshot is taken with UC Mini on Android mobile.

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    Muddasir, please refresh the browser. If you are using a mobile, please restart it to clear the cache. That will solve the issue.

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    And instead of using UC mini, I would suggest you to use UC browser. I get PC like experience on it . Hopefully, it solves your problems.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    The problem can be easily solved if you use "UC Browser" on your phone. I also faced the same problem when I used Opera Mini to access the sections of Techulator you mentioned above, but then every thing got right when I used my UC Browser. I guess this problem is due to the new layout given to the site. I hope this will solve your problem but if you still face it then let us know.

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    Yes, I know that I can use UC Browser to get rid of this problem. But what about visitors? Many people use UC Mini and I think they are also facing the same issue. Few ISC members have also reported the same problem in a thread.

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