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    Is using Internet for medical information a good habit?

    We have developed a new habit of searching anything over the internet. It could be a non issue when it comes to other things in life. But, relying on the information availabke on Internet for medical problems is a good habit? Will it not be detrimental to one's health?
    I guess it would be a wiser discussion on the topic.
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    I think it is safe to search about medical information on internet. But one should limit his/her searches to symptoms and precautions only. For example, if someone is feeling is weak, then he/she can search about his/her medical conditions on internet to know more about his/her disease. However, it is not wiser to use medicines by just reading online blogs. In that case, one must consult a doctor.

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    For second opinion, you should definitely get the help from internet. There are some of the websites for US citizens which provide unbiased and without any financial strings. Such information is harder to get in india. So if you check the association websites in US, you'll find some decent information on those sites. For example, many doctors in india, perform surgery for even minor stuff which is not at all needed. However, when you cross verify such information with US based health sites, You find that you are being tricked in india by doctors. Exactly such event happened with one of the relatives. I checked one doctors website and paid him an hour for consultation. It seems that the operation was not needed but indian doctors were desperate to get the person into operation and wanted to charge 40K onwards for that. So definitely do not take opinion of indian doctors blindly. A large percentage of them are into this for money. I know I could be offending them with such statement, however, after going through one such incident. I can't easily trust the doctors now.

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    Well, my view on this slightly differs. I guess I must agree with what Mudassir said about getting medical info from the Internet. But still the symptoms and their manifestations may vary from person to person even for the same disease. So, relying heavily on this information may not be in a good direction.
    Moreover, even a minor illness is described in great detail in those articles which may frighten the patient. Also checking for the authenticity of the author as to whether he/she is qualified enough on the subject will also be important.
    All said, it's true - you should not be into self medication on the basis of information over the internet.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I have first hand experience of being benefited by the internet in highly serious medical condition. Today the medical profession is as corrupt as any other. Doctors are unnecessarily prescribing risky medicines and tests that can seriously harm patients. Their treatments are mostly report based, and they have lost that personal touch which earlier generation doctor used to have.
    In our close circle one doctor suggested insulin for a pregnant woman, when she was not diabetic at all. Her sugar level was high that particular day of test because she had a Betnezol injection.
    We had a doubt and searched for it in the net, got to know that it could be highly dangerous for a pregnant woman to take insulin, if she isn't diabetic. When we asked about it from the doctor, he just shrugged off the matter.
    Similar experiences with people who had slight problems like lack of sleep or some uneasiness. But they were directly prescribed with anti depressants, which pushed them towards real psychological complications. A little research on the net before you take any medicine is better than relying blindly on the doctors nowadays.

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    I too have experienced a very similar incident.

    Few months ago, I was facing swelling on my face and legs. We thought it was a very big issue, so we consulted a very good doctor in our city. He gave me a medicine. I took the medicine regularly but it didn't solved my condition. So, one day, I randomly searched about my conditions on internet. By matching my symptoms, I came to know that I have food allergy from rice and the most benecial way to get rid of it is to completely avoid eating rice. So I did the same and I can can say that, I have improved my condition to atleast 60%. Few days back, I accidently ate rice but the swelling was very less. I still do not eat rice, and I hope I will get rid of this allergy very soon.

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