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    Dollars or Rupees in article title

    Since many days, a question is striking my mind. The question is, in techulator, should I use price in US Dollars or Indian Rupees in the title of an article?

    For example:
    - Android Tablets under Rs. 5000
    - Android Tablets under $100

    Which one is better from the SEO point of view? Which can generate more traffic? I am very much confused about the usage of right currency. So members, please clear my confusion by suggesting some tips on this topic.
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    As per my opinion, making it in Indian currency would apparently fetch more traffic.
    Generally, what we are trying here is to get noticed by people who are looking for economical and cost effective products.
    Making it in US dollars may scare away many, as a calculation adds up to the reader's responsibility, which most Indian readers would not love to.
    And when it comes to numbers, India would never disappoint you.

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    Yes, your point is correct. Lets see some more suggestions from other members.

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    Adsense sponsors are rising with indian sellers. So if you use indian rupees then surely this will increase the googles targetting to fetch you some more specific ads.

    I think using indian ruppee also helps many indians who are looking at the article and thinking of making purchase choices. Besides techulator has indian theme in it, so It should not hurt if you use local currency in the article. For the rest, I think editors can make final call.

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    My personal opinion would be to use Indian Rupees as the default currency. Since Techulator happens to be an Indian site with articles and content related to India, I would suggest the articles to be India centric.
    Also I do not think Indian users can offer you a good traffic, no need to worry in this respect.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    After reading the above suggestions, I too think that it is logical to use "Rupees" over "Dollars"
    Thanks all for participating in the discussion.

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    Now that the purpose of the thread has been fulfilled, let me close this thread. If you need any clarifications, please create a new one with a link to the existing one.
    Live....and Let Live!

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