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    Which of the affiliate programs do you prefer

    I have signed in both the affiliate programs like Flipkart and Amazon. While I have already received payments from Amazon, the Flipkart payment procedure is still pending. I found Flipkart to be a less user friendly than the Amazon.
    Whether you talk about their interface, their terms and conditions and even the payment procedure, I didn't find Flipkart that accommodating like Amazon, even though their customer care responded quite promptly.
    Friends please share your experience and also suggest other affiliate programs which you found more convenient and better in all aspects.
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    How you convert offers from either of them decides the success.

    Both are good and both can be useful in terms of making money. The problem is generating traffic for either of them. The traffic has to be converting and also you have to be super focused with the product. That is the only way to make money off either of them.

    For example, Buyhatke started as simple plugin to chrome and then later they used affiliate link within. This is what is making them money now. So the preference is not about flipkart or amazon but how you do the conversion. :)

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    Amazon is far better than Flipkart. If someone clicks on your Flipkart affiliate link and he/she doesn't buy that item and instead comes back later after a few hours (This time without clicking on your link) and buys that item then you won't get any commission for the purchase.
    And if someone clicks on your Amazon link and he too didn't purchased the linked item but returns back after a few hours and makes a purchase (not necessarily the item you shared), you will still get the commission!

    In short if someone clicks on your Amazon affiliate link then a cookie is automatically created on their computer which sits in there for around 24 hours, that is, if someone (after visiting your link), purchases anything within 24 hours, you will get the commission for the purchase. And the purchased item need not be the one which you shared!

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    Yes Sagar, even the notifications, the interface, the payment process are much more smoother in Amazon than in Flipkart. They didn't clearly stated about the necessary documents while registering, and now when my earning has crossed the threshold, they are not even mentioning it. I had to write an email asking about it and then they are asking for all these formalities which will again take 10-12 days for getting processed they say. It becomes to cumbersome and irritating.

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    Cookie problem exists with Amazon too. For example, if you have a store that sells electronics and the reader goes to two websites and clicks on your link first then your cookie gets stored. And in second visit if he visits new website with amaozn link then that cookie gets overridden. So this is more a problem of session overiding. In case of the flipkart, it seems the website keeps tab of the cookie as long as the tab is open and it does not track based on logged in users session.

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    I have a Flipkart affiliate account, but since I do not have any own website or blog - I am not in a position to use this anywhere. Techulator is excluded because of the fact that you cannot use your affiliate link and get cash credits. I do not think changing over my current account to the affiliate one will not be useful in any way.
    Does hubpages accept Flipkart affiliate account?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    No Timmappa Hubpages only works on Google Adsense, Amazon and Ebay accounts.
    You can just create one account in blogger which is Free, try these and once you get accustomed you can go for your own blog in a website.

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    Hubpages, WordPress(.com hosted) does not allow you to use affilite links. However, you can use tumblr and blogger blogs for affiliate links. Hubpages is slowly dying just like squidoo. So I don't think it should be used for serious affiliate marketing.

    I think for flipkart and amazon links, the blogger blogs are good.

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    That was a good piece of information Mahesh. Though I was considering Hubpages to be my second important place for affiliate marketing, luckily till now I didn't invest much time and effort in it.
    Now things are more clear for me. Hope to make justice out of it.

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    @Mahesh, can you guide me on how to add Flipkart affiliate links on Tumblr blog?
    I seem to have created a Tumblr blog, but will need to search now.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    There is no comparison between Amazon and Flipkart Affiliate program . Flipkart has already closed its mobile site, so now it is more tougher for a blogger to refer products from Flipkart.

    On the other hand, Amazon associate program is one of the very first affiliate program on internet. It was launched in 1996. At the time when there there was niether Google nor Flipkart. It has years of trust.

    The one part I really like about the Amazon Affliliate program is that, when a visitor clicks on your affliate link and buys a product which is different than the linked one, still you will get the commission of that product. This one features is very profitable for any blogger who is an affiliate seller of Amazon.

    One more quality thing about Amazon is that, people have trust on Amazon brand. Therefore, selling an item from Amazon is much more easier than from any other site.

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    Timmappa Sir, do check out the image attached on how to link to the flipkart or amazon.

    You can add the image or the text post. Select the text which you want to highlight for the affiliate link and then just click on anchor icon. Then paste the affiliate URL into it.

    Let me know if this helps.

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    Thanks Mahesh for those valuable tips. Let me see how i can make use of these links.
    By the way, please don't use the words like Sir to address me. I am a regular 41 year old member just like you and others.
    Views expressed by Muddassir above are really useful. I had also expressed debts about Flipkart affiliate before because of the closure of their website.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I have three points to make, however please correct me if I am wrong –
    1. I think blogger does not allow affiliate marketing. The option was discontinued long time back.
    2. Hubpages does allow affiliate marketing. I am an Amazon affiliate on Hubpages.
    3. Wordpress too allows affiliate links.

    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
    Take Care

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    No, blogger still allows affiliate marketing, mine is running only on blogger.
    And I did say that Hubpages allow Affiliate, but not Flipkart, only Amazon and Ebay are allowed.

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    Bloggers allows adsense and affiliate marketing. You don't need any option for that, it's just plain text linking which blogger doesn't prohibit you to do that.

    Hubpages has it's own amazon and ebay affiliate program within their Hubpages ad program. You get to enable or disable the links to those programs. However, recent changes has completely banned self linking to affiliate programs other than amazon and ebay. So if you are affiliate of clickbank, you can't use the links on hubpages.

    WordPress (.com hosted version) does not allow you to use ads and affiliate links on your blog. They'll detect those links and will remove your blog. You can only use affiliate links on your own hosted (.org version) of the website.

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    Blogger still allows Amazon's Affiliate links. Moreover, currently it is the only free blogging platform that allows any type of affiliate marketing. For example, Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, ClickBank, CommissionJunction etc.

    As already mentioned earlier, Hubpages only allows Amazon and Ebay's affiliate links. Even after that, you will not get 100% commission on your affiliate sales. Hubpages takes some percent on a sale.

    On a's blog, you can neither use affiliate links nor advertisement. You can only earn through WordAds.
    On a (self hosted) blog, you can use any type of affiliate links. Unlike Blogger, you have to pay hosting fees to the webhost of your site if you have a blog on

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    There are plenty of other affiliate networks apart from Flipkart and Amazon that Indians can use and make money from. The one that I use is Shareasale.

    It is one of the very well known affiliate programs out there and has products and services for various niches. I will try and write an article sharing my experience with this network pretty soon.

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    I would be glad if members would share the ways in which they are successfully earning through affiliate programs. I have initiated a separate thread for this, so please give me your helpful guidance here: Best tips and tricks to increase earnings through affiliate programs

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    So many other affiliate programs exists beside Amazon and Flipkart. Anyone tried MyCommerce or Avangate? They seems great to me actually.

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    Has anyone experienced a payment delay from any of these affiliate programs? I am experiencing it from Flipkart since the last month. My payment was due in July, but neither they are sending any intimidation or paying me.
    It would be very nice of you if you can give me any suggestions or information on how to tackle this.

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    Can you throw more light on MyCommerce or Avangate? What are these sites? It would be helpful to know the features and terms of their affiliate programs. Have you joined up for these?


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    Anwesha, I presume you know their regular email contact:

    Have you tried contacting them via their contact page? This is the one:

    They should definitely be responding to you if you contacted them via that page otherwise they can be deemed to be unprofessional! If you have, send them a stronger message through that page. Select 'Payment related query' and 'Other' and make it loud and clear that you consider it unprofessional of them not to respond, that they could at least intimate you for the reason for delay in payment. If you do not get a response from them within 48hrs., then post a message on FB that Flipkart has not paid you your dues. Sometimes publicizing non-payment of dues, poor service and the like really wakes up the people concerned as nobody likes publicity of such issues!


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    Yes Vandana, I have followed all that which you have suggested.
    Yet they just responded back a week ago, that they will get back to me with the issue, but after that there's no other response.
    Even after that, I have sent them messages, twice, now they have stopped replying totally.

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