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    What should I delete from C drive?

    My c drive is always get filled up and ask for delete files. When I try to delete , it seems to me that all are necessary folders and file. Than what to delete to create space.
    Help me out.
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    You should not delete it by going to C Drive via My computer but instead goto control panel -add/remove programs and remove those programs which you no longer use. After removing those programs still some files will remain in c:\program files\. You may delete these files.

    There are many hidden files and important files in C: if you delete any boot record or "ntuser" files you will end up in deep trouble. Your OS Will be corrupt. You will have to re-install the operating system.

    Apart from that there will be huge memory dumps, use Ccleaner, which is a crap cleaner helps you clean the system safely. You can download it its a handy tool.

    You might have stored some songs and videos in c:\ , i would advise you to move it to a drive that is less used. Eventhough you see 2 GB or more free space in C: if other drives are not free or do not have free space then your C:\ will be explicitly used by the Operating system for creating a Virual Memory.

    For those who do not understand what isvirtual memory: The virtual memory is temperory memory created by operating system on slower disk(HDD), Why we need? Electronic memory(RAM) is costly and Volatile,the reliability of storing the data is less. Therefore for storing the data for longer time period safely we need hard disk.

    When programs bigger than the RAM(Main memory) has to be executed by the processor It is required for the processor to access the Bigger program in some way in order to execute, therefore the bigger program is stored in temperory workspace(Virtual memory)Created by the operating system and how to access this space is stored in the RAM. Along with the essential processes(Modules) of the bigger program to be executed. they get executed in a scheduled fashion.(Mostly Round robin Scheduling is done)

    Therefore in order to have Virtual memory space in your system its better to isolate your music and video in any removable drive,(External hard disk or pen drives, CDS)

    Once you are done these three you wont face this problem

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    You should uninstall the unusual software which you will not use in you routines, As your virtual memory is too much high and it doesn't have space to load your other files in the computer.

    Or by opening the drive click on the properties and then fix the bad tracks and the sectors and use the tools defragmentation as this tool will remove the unusual space and allocate the resources of your computer in an efficient manner.

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    I will tell you some unusual thing. If you are using torrent for downloading something, then there is maximum possibility for your c drive to get filled easily. Because when you go for the torrent download the files that you download is kept temporarily in the c drive and if your torrent file is incomplete then there comes this issue. The incomplete files occupy more space in your c drive.

    In some cases there will also be temporary files in the %temp% folder. What you should do is to go to start-> Run -> %temp%. There you can delete all the files and the folders. And moreover you can even delete the files that are present in the prefetch folder.

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    Here are the easy ways to get more space on you c drive.

  • Delete the unnecessary files from you c drive. It will give you more space to your c drive

  • To a system clean will remove the restore point, temporary inter files and other files

  • Uninstall some of your application and install it in other drive so that c drive will have more space

  • At least 15 % of your c drive (Bootable drive) should be free otherwise the system will be slow

  • Release some of the virtual memory will give you more space

  • if you do not have another drive then buy a hard disk and attach it will you system and then move the personal files and new installation to the other hard disk

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    See first of all if your harddisk is of low space then get it chnage with new one.Now best for you to choose 180 GB sata hard disk.

    If your currently hard disk is sufficient the during partition Give more space to the c drive so that no problem occurs.If your installing games then please do it in seperate drive becuase they require more space and if you put then in main drive then it will decreases the speed of your P.C also.

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    find temporary files

    you can search for temporary files not only in the temporary folder and delete them .

    Next define the size and location of log files, created by many applications.

    Uninstall Apllications

    Just uninstall the Applications you installed in the C:\Program files Now,You can install Your Program files in other Partitions.So that you can increase the Memory space in the C:\ drive.

    Disk Cleanup

    Next, Right Click on the C:\ and click on the properties.

    In the C:\ properties windows ,You should click'Disk cleanup' to delete the unnecessary files in the Local disk C:

    Hope you got it.

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    You can use partition magic 8.0 and increase the size of you c drive and getting space from you all drives this will help you out for the error what you are getting.

    And also START -> RUN -> TEMP and delete all files

    START -> RUN -> PREFETCH and delete all files.

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    Hi Pamela,

    Your point is correct. There are many unnecessary files that you can delete from your C Drive. Lot of files which are un necessary will be there in your C Drive. There will be offline web pages, temporary internet files,files in recycle bin etc. which are not necessary. You can delete all such files by using the in built Disk Clean up tool of Windows 7. You can do like this to use disk clean up tool. Start->All Programs->Accessories->System tools->Disk Clean up. This will create lot of free space in your C drive.

    You can also uninstall unwanted programs and softwares which you do not need any more. some of the softwares can be installed in other drives like D, or E.

    As Jaya Kumar said rightly, your system will become very slow as the hard disk space in C Drive is less. so try to remove as many files as possible from your C drive.

    Also you can purchase another hard disk if you have only C Drive in your system and move all your personal files, documents, movies etc. from your C Drive to your new hard drive.


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