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    Internet - Good or Bad ?

    Internet is the most common part of today's lifestyle. People are too much addicted to it. Everyone is doing something online. Someone is chating with friends on Facebook, others are uploading their selfies on Instagram while some people are collecting information on different subjects.

    So, I have question for you. What is internet - is it good or bad?

    Well, in my opinion, it is a good thing for those who can control themselves from getting being addicted to it. But for those who are too much addicted to it and are wasting their precious time because of their internet addiction, it is very bag thing.

    What is your opinion on this subject?
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    Well, I would say it is a mixed bag. Getting too much addicted to it will not serve much to the betterment of one's life. Using it just for the needs and then reverting to your personal life would be a better thing.
    Increased dependence on messengers and chat groups over the internet has reduced one's social circle. People chat to each other via Facebook and Twitter, when in practice - They are in the same city and can meet up!

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Anything too much is bad. But if we use technology to enhance the quality of our lifestyle and know where to put a coma, semicolon and full stop to it, I think it is worth taking into our stride.
    Internet is only a communication method, but if there is nothing meaningful to communicate, then it is of no use.
    Internet has definitely cut short the distance with its virtual technology, but it cannot cut down the emotional distance. What sense it makes if sitting under the same roof, people get addicted to it to such an extent, that they forget to communicate with each other.

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    Though it may appear a bit off topic, but in today's world of instant messengers I really miss the kind of emotions we used to have when searching hours together for a good card for occasions like birthday, anniversary etc. Or even regular cards like " I miss you". The feelings associated with such activities has gone now. Just forward a message or an image, and done!

    No feelings! That's one of the things that has been ruined by internet.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    For people like me, Internet is really helpful doing everyday things.

    I suffer from Agoraphobia (social anxiety) and also living alone in a city far from my family. I socialize only at workplace. I find internet is really good for me. I don't feel left alone from the world. I get information at my fingertips.

    I should be going more social while doing some tasks like bank and bills. But when anxiety kicks in much, I do everything from the computer and don't have to get panic attack.

    In short internet is both good and bad for my health. It is helping me as well as not much helping my condition.

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    At the same time, Mahesh - I would say internet is NOT allowing you to break away from your condition. Had you been able to resist the temptation to go web, you can probably get rid of your social anxiety.
    No offence meant. I apologise if I have hurt you.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    No offense taken Sir. No apologies needed.

    Yes, it does keeps me locked in to current condition. And I am slowly recovering. Thing is that I can't make quick changes to this states because if I do, I can either get panic attack or this does not help long term. And anxiety kicks back in If I don't go out much apart from work and regular chores.

    Internet only helps at places where I am likely to get anxiety due to crowd in places like Mall, railway station etc.

    It's quite complicated considering my work also involves in IT field. So internet is inseparable and I have no option to just disconnect myself voluntarily.

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    Even I agree with Mahesh. Internet has eradicated loneliness of people across the world. But then, when people are really around and waiting for one's attention, addiction of internet can spoil those moments and finally leave them lonely at the end of the day.
    So, one has to know, when to give a pause, and the best part of internet is that people do not mind, if you are busy at your end. Why not utilize that opportunity and enjoy the best of both worlds?

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    Well Mahesh, you are really missing something very important in your life. You should meet with people outside your workplace and internet. Believe me, you will surely enjoy it.

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    He wants to actually, Muddassir - but is forced because his medical condition. People with agarophobia tend to get anxious when confronted with a crowd or even a small group of people like at a mall, bank or even a cinema hall. So Internet has been his way of having social communication.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I am sorry to say a few things Timmappa, one should not talk about one's medical condition out here in a public discussion forum which is not a medical one.
    Secondly I also differ from Mudassir on this point that meeting people in person is always a good idea. Rather that is where internet comes in rescue, that unless you feel comfortable with someone, you need not meet them in person and bring about all those negative experiences which could have been avoided otherwise.

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    Sorry if my comments did hurt anyone. I did not mean to discuss the medical condition of the concerned member. I was trying to stress the point that since he is not comfortable socialising, doing it via Internet was his way of being social. While doing so I might have hurt the sentiments of the members. Sorry for that.
    So, coming back to the topic- it is proven that as long as you stay in limit and do not sacrifice your social life just to be online, Internet is a boon. Else, it is a bane.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I know Timmappa, you referred to it out of real concern that you felt regarding this problem, and even I didn't want to hurt you either. Its just that I felt like saying that, it becomes too personal if we discuss about someone's medical condition and it also probes into one's privacy.

    It was quite clear from your expressions that it was completely unintentional and what you wanted to say was only out of your deeper thoughts regarding the issue.

    Anyway, I agree to your opinion and have a similar view regarding it, that means that the medium of communication should not overshadow the essence of it. And just because interacting through internet is easier, we should not ignore our primary face to face relationships for our own convenience.

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    Acccording to some psychological experts, internet disorganises your thought process. One minute you are surfing something, next minute you move to the ads and very next minute again searching something else.
    In fact reading something in a traditional way is more relaxing than on the internet.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yeah, that is true Timmappa, people are losing in patience, composure and in-depth thinking which is resulting into a loss of emotional quality, and the remaining emotions are diverted in so many routes that they don't get the proper channel or outlet.

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    One more important point to note is the safety of mails, messages and such personal communication sent over the internet. The codes can easily be deciphered and your private information can be accessed.
    Well, to be frank, you cannot live without internet and computers. As long as we are careful enough, it will offer more advantages than the disadvantages.

    Live....and Let Live!

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