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    Which are your favourite websites?

    We regularly visit many sites. Some of them are our favourite. Here is a list of some of my favourite websites apart from the SpiderWorks Network's sites.

    Wikipedia : My most favourite site. It doesn't needs any introduction. 100% accurate information on almost every subject.

    Quora : My second favourite place after Wikipedia. Unlike Wikipedia, it is a question-answer site. However, the quality of answers on Quora is too high. Rarely, you will see any low quality answer.

    UC Forum : As the name suggests, owner of this forum and UC Browser is same. This site has loads of tips, tricks, hints, hacks, modding tutorials for mobiles, tabs, PCs and smartphones. Every mobile OS has its own dedicated section and helpful community.

    Listverse : This site has lots of humorous and informative list based articles.

    MobyGames : I visit this site for gaming related information.

    YouTube : For entertainment, playthroughs and how-to tutorials.

    Apart from these, I also like facebook, twitter and few others. Do let me know your favourite sites.
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    Well, I do not have any website that I can term as favourite. As for the social networks like Facebook and Twitter, I tend to use them on the apps rather than via websites.
    The sites I have been online most of the time these days are techulator and ISC. Apart from them, I tend to be active on Quora for its excellent nature of responses and Wikipedia when I need general information on something.
    However, a point about Wikipedia here. I do not depend on it for any kind of authentic information. As the content on Wiki is updated by regular users and as such there is no moderation control or any checks for authenticity of the information submitted - I don't treat it as reliable.

    Well, that's all. All other things I do on the Internet are need based and cannot be termed as favorite.

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    My favorite are as follows :

    Quora - It is like Yahoo Answers but you get a lot of interesting answers from celebs and other popular people in the industry.

    YouTube - If you want video instructions on how to do things and how to learn new skills. Then YouTube is the way to go.

    Wikipedia - If you need in depth or brief information on something then this is the site to go.

    Wolfram Alpha - You want answers to math problems and don't have much time? Use this site to post the equations or math problems and get instant answers.

    Stackexchange/Stackoverflow - These sites have a lot of people contributing to the various topics. A lot of information that you can use.

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    the last site you mentioned is really awesome. Thanks for bringing it up to our notice. This will really helpful for the members here to get information on topics they wish to write on.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    You are right, stackexchange is definitely an awesome site. Thanks for sharing your list.

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    I love wikipedia more than the other sites mentioned by the author because it give me as much information at one place rather than searching many websites for answers of my questions.
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    But, one should bear in mind that Wikipedia is not a trusted source for any information. As we are all aware of, any normal member can edit the information currently posted or add new information even without any valid source. It cannot be treated as an authentic source for the information you are searching for. It has no control over the information being posted in the site.
    Live....and Let Live!

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