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    What is the significance of the voting score in Techulator?

    I have observed that in each post there is a feature of voting score. But till date I have neither found any link to cast my vote nor has ever seen any changes in the digits or stars that are assigned to any of them. Be it in the Resource section, Ask Expert or Forum, there is no way to cast one's vote.

    I was just thinking, in that case what is the significance of that feature, and why is it existent in all the posts of Techulator? And I would also like to suggest, that it would have been really motivating for the members if there were the "like" "unlike" feature.

    That boosts up one's creative spirit and involvement in the site. I hope Friends here and Webmasters would also agree to it and let us enjoy that feature very soon.
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    If you carefully look at a response in Ask Experts section, you will see two buttons - "Good" and "Not Good".

    If you click on the Good button, the member will get 2 extra points and if you click on Not Good button, the member will loss 1 point from the existing points.

    You can only vote an answer within the 15 days (from the date it had been posted). After that, the buttons disappear automatically.

    There is no voting system in Forum and Resource section as far as my information goes.

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