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    Found duplicate posts (both of them on first page of Google)

    Hey Guys,

    I was searching for "Micromax Canvas Sliver 5 OTG support" and to my surprise I found the first two results of Techulator. Now, I want to know if we can create such multiple posts and more importantly - "are we allowed to post our responses for such duplicate questions".

    I am asking this because I found the same members responding in both of the threads as if its allowed to do so.

    Here is the first link -

    And the Second one -

    Eagerly waiting for your replies!
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    The question might have been posted twice. The members who responded to the question have no fault of theirs. They have answered (I know one of them is myself ) since the question has been posted.
    As for my personal view, I would have pointed it out if I had remembered that the same question has been posted before. Now, let the team Decide whether both the questions stay together.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    In the first link, the question was posted anonymously, and in the second link, the post was by Ritesh Patel.

    Only the webmasters might be knowing whether both are by the same member.
    What I guess might have happened is, sometimes after framing the question, the page doesn't respond and doesn't show its immediate results. If the member is the same, then it could be that he tried to post the question first, when he didn't know whether it got posted properly, he might have tried second time. When afterwards he saw both of them appearing, he might have changed the description.

    The other possibility is that, as there is no such option in techulator to know whether this question was posted earlier, if the members are two different persons, it might be coincidental that they had the same questions in mind.

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    Let the team decide what to do with the duplicate questions. Now the doubt which I would like to clear is, are same members allowed to post their responses on duplicate questions?

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    The answers in both the questions show that they got approved by the editors.
    so, in a sense till now, if the duplicate question is allowed, then there is no logical basis to stop the answers.
    In fact in last few days, same topic were raised by me and another member in the forum section. And in both the threads the discussion went on for quite long, so the same might be the case in the answers as well.
    Its now on the editors to decide, whether they allow such things to take place, this is also applicable in the resource section.
    Its very good that you have taken a note of it and made it prominent. Lets see, what the editors think about it.

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    I hope the editors will reply to this thread soon. And will clear my doubts with their valuable responses.

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    One of the posts is deleted in which responses were not yet reviewed. The question was was posted by separate members. I doesn't make sense to have two posts on the same topic with almost the same content, whether it is Ask Experts or Article section.

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    Typically, we don't expect people to ask the same question more than once. But in some rare scenarios, it may happen and if we feel they were posted by different people with no intention of harm, we may allow it.

    We have a policy that same text cannot be repeated anywhere in the site. So, if the text is duplicated either in question or answer, we will reject it.

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    Well, thanks Ankit and Tony John for clearing up my doubts with your valuable response. I would request the editors to please close this thread now as per my doubts have been finally cleared.

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