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    What is good traffic?

    What is Good traffic to a website?

    Traffic, like Anwesha's question "How to choose a topic that can fetch good traffic?" suggests is of paramount importance to bloggers. How is good traffic quantified? I understand that 1,000 pages views per day is good traffic. But, for an average blogger, what numbers should suggest 'decent' traffic? What numbers should I expect to know that I am getting there?
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    Decent traffic will vary according to the type of topic as well the website.

    For a smartphone review on TEC I would personally consider even 100 daily visits a good number, for a news item the bar should be more like 1000 in a day, for a how-to article even 50 visitors daily look good to me as such an article would get traffic in long term.

    While editing we reject those articles which are not even expected to get even 1 targeted visitor for a week even. By targeted means that he searched on a search engine for that specific topic and came to that particular article on TEC.

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    In my viewpoint, a good traffic states that your writing is making sense and serving purposes of people. As I still don't have any Adsense account, the direct benefit of good traffic in its monetary sense doesn't reach me, but when it shows people are visiting regularly, the confidence it gives, is invaluable.

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    Good traffic means the traffic that converts for advertisers or yourself in terms of leads.

    You can read leads as the one who are interested in your product or your article content and click on the places (e.g. button or links) as intended.

    Often you get traffic like say 1 million but this traffic does not convert into lead. And however, you get 100 people on webpage and 50 leads are generated. So good traffic is not 1 million pageviews but the 100 people that turned into 50 leads.

    So by this train of thought, not all traffic channels are good. So PTC traffic, Social network traffic from Facebook or Twitter or search often does not convert into leads.

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    I personally am happy if my Stat Counter account shows even 6 daily visitors to a page. I consider it good that a few people have landed on the page as it does indicate that my post at Techulator got picked up by search engines or at least that a couple of Techulator members came there. So, in short, for me even a handful of visitors is good traffic. Of course, whether or not those visitors actually read the entire post is an altogether different matter!

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    A good traffic essentially should depend on the niche of your site or topic. It also depends on the age of the blog, it's niche and popularity which determine how much of traffic can be termed as "good" for that particular site or blog. If your traffic is increasing from month to month - that it would be treated as good traffic.
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    Hey members,

    Earlier I was an active member of And I can bet you the site was getting the best traffic for its niche. So, from my past experience, I can tell you that a good traffic would be the one which comes from the organic sources. By organic traffic I mean that the visitors which come from search results and not directly by typing in the address or through social medias. As I have my own AdSense account, I got more revenue from organic traffic and very less from non-organic ones. So, if your site is getting traffic from the search results, then I guess a regular traffic of around 1000 visitors would definitely do good to your site. But on the other hand, if your blog is getting views from your social profiles then I guess it should be more than 10,000 visitors to make a decent earning.

    Apart from this, there are a lot of other factors on which a good traffic can be estimated. But I will not discuss that here or this thread will end up with a very long discussion. I do agree with the views put forth by other members here.

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    In the initial days for a blog, even 100 visits are good. But as the time passes, these numbers should be increased steadily. According to me 5000 visits a day is decent traffic for any blog. But this number should increase with time.

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