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    Is there a simple way to attach images in the resource section?

    Image attachment to articles on # Techulator

    Researching, testing, taking pictures, creating screenshots, taking notes, creating drafts and coming out with the final version to post as an article takes time and effort. By the time I'm done doing all the above I am mentally and physically exhausted.

    After I am done writing an article all I want to do is post it online. I hate going back and forth attaching images to the article. Is there a quick way of attaching all images at one go? Can all the images be at least uploaded together and then manually fitted into the article?
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    On Add attachment page there is one option:

    "Extract files in the .zip file (If this option is checked and if you upload a .zip file, all the images in the .zip file will be extracted and saved separately. All files that are not images in the .zip file will be ignored. Same title and size will be used for all images. After uploading, you must edit each image and change the titles to proper titles.)"

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    I raised up the same issue a few days back. Even this procedure doesn't help much. As again you need to go for each image individually and that takes the same effort as it takes in the normal option. It is really time consuming and feels a bit troublesome. At least in the earlier method things were easier. If not something else, can't we go back to the earlier stage?

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    I agree with Juana. It would be good to have a link through which we could attach, say, at least 3 images at one go. Then I would not mind the additional task of pasting the image HTML code within the text since I would simply need to open the article in a separate tab and place the codes of each image where I needed to.

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    I have made some changes today and simplified the attachment management. Please take a look and let me know your feedback. If you have any suggestions to make it further simple, please let me know.

    You can add up to 5 images now in a single attempt.

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    Thank you Tony, you have simplified life for Techulators. The new method is definitely an improvement on the older system. I posted a fresh article a few minutes back and uploading the attachments was such a snap.

    The only thing I didn't understand was the tags/keywords feature on the edit page. Can keywords be added?

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    Thanks for bringing that into my notice. The keywords thing was supposed to be an "Editors only" feature. It was accidentally revealed to everyone in the new feature. I will fix that issue soon.

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    Thank you Sir for making the changes. Now its all easy for us. I request the webmasters to lock the thread on the same issue raised by me.

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    The new system of inserting images into articles is really a snappier one than what was earlier. Thank you Tony Sir for noticing the difficulties faced by the members and rectifying them.
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