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    Awards not announced for June

    Surprisingly, payments have been announced this time even before the announcement of awards. I know it is not mandatory for the awards to be announced for payments. Yet, it is quite a deviation from the recent trend.
    There seems to be an unseemly delay in announcement of awards this time around. A few member of the week awards are still waiting apart from the regular monthly awards. Hope to see the announcement soon.
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    Even I was wondering about the same. There are some changes which I have already pointed out, and among them, the most prominent is the delay of announcements. It would have been really nice to see Techulator running at its earlier pace with the same exciting announcements motivating the members to contribute more and participate more frequently in the discussion forum as well.

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    We have some shortage of editors since some of the senior editors are on leave. For that reason, we could not announce some awards.

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    Well, I agree with your views on the slower pace of Techulator. And it appears too strange to see a lower activity in the forum section. I have always believed that the forum section is the lifeline of the site. It serves as a platform for the members to interact with each other. It is not meant only for the purpose of complaints.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Well, your thread really worked. I recently saw a award announcement in the Forum for "Member of the Week in the specific period".

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    I was in fact searching for a topic of discussion so that the forum could stay active. And the payment announcement gave me the reason to post this.
    Anyways, good to see one of the awards being announced. However, there are many of them pending. I would just love to see the awards coming up further. Mainly because of the fact that they serve as a major source of motivation for the enhancement of one's contribution.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    What I am waiting for is the announcement for the article contest. That is now been a long time that I have submitted my article and it got approved. It would have been so nice to see the result.

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