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    My points are less than my earning

    Cash credits and points for articles on #Techulator

    Last night one of my article got approved and got 120 points as well as cash credit. Though my cash credit earning is showing that addition, my points are not. Now with this particular article, things went on like this, that it was first approved, given the points and then went into pending status for a small change. Then I made the changes and re-submitted it, by that time it didn't include those points and cash credits. Now when it is showing that the cash has been added, the points are not showing any changes.
    Another thing is that in my profile-contribution page, it is showing 3115 points but 3275 Cash in my resources section. As far as I have noticed, in Techulator, resources are at par with the points, so where are these 160 points? And how come points are less than the cash deposits?
    It would be very nice, if friends help me out with this difficult calculation.

    Here is the url of this article:
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    What you say is correct, that points and cc are generally the same for an article. However there may be exceptions where the points given are more.

    With regard to changes you may see before and after an article goes to pending mode: articles are edited in queue datewise. Hence, a second editor may have realized that the article deserves more points & cc or ought to get fewer than earlier. Hence it may differ from what the first editor gave when approving it initially.


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    No, that cannot be the case, as the difference in my cash credit and points is 160. Apart from that, I got the cash added to my earnings as the same amount it has been declared. Only the points have not been added to it. According to the calculation, some 40 points are also missing from the estimated points it should be other than this article.
    So,I think it can be some bug, as these calculation is done through an automated process, right? Hope the webmasters can find out the reason behind and let me know.

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    If this is still a concern, I need to dig into the details. There is no easy way to figure out the difference other than I manually dig through the data in the database. I need to keep it aside for a few days and I will look into this after that.

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    Thank you Sir, there's no hurry, its just something which looks unusual, so I wanted to talk about it so that it doesn't get repeated with other members as well.

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    Sir, just to let you know how it is going, the points are still the same after one off my approved article went back to pending status and after I made the changes came back to the approved state. But while these changes took place, my earnings went down accordingly and again increased as usual.
    I don't know what exactly went wrong but this thing shows that there has to be some bug in the automatic calculation process.
    It would be really nice to see things back to normal again.

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    I spent a few hours, went through each one of your articles trying to figure out the reason for the discrepancy. Finally I found the reason.

    During a certain period, we decided not to give cash credits as a separate reward for the article contests. During that period, the reward was assigned to the article instead instead of assigning rewards as separate cash credits.

    You won one of those prizes and that made you eligible for Rs 250 cash on one of your articles. The original cash Rs 90 was changed to Rs 250 since you won the prize. But the points remain as 90 as it is supposed to be.

    This is the reason for the difference in cash and points for you in the resources section.

    Here is the article

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    Thank you Sir, I just posted an answer guessing this. Finally, the doubts are all clear, which is quite relieving.

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