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    Where are my friends?

    Problem with buddy requests on #Techulator

    I had few buddy requests and most of them were approved by me. But when I visit my own profile and go the friends page, I find nobody there. How's that possible? Again if someone sends me a friend request, I get to see all of them.
    What's the mystery here?
    Please help me to find my friends.
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    Consulting Sherlock Holmes on "The Mystery of the Disappearing Friends".....

    Some technical bug perhaps is crawling around. Will refer this issue to Tony Sir asap - nobody likes to lose a friend, even one in e-space!!


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    Looks like there is a bug. I will look into this soon.

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    Thank you Sir, hope to see them in the list soon.

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    I was also wondering for the same. I can only see the members as my friend whom I sent the request. Not those who sent me the request. I don't know what's the actual reason behind this.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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    Anwesha, can you please check if this is still a problem?

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    Yes Sir, still there's nobody in the friends list. Only from my dashboard if I go to the friend request page, they are appearing.

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    I can easily all my friends under my profile. Seems this is an issue being faced only by some members. It does not seem to affect all of us in the similar way.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Finally, I figured out. The Profile page will show only the members whom you have added as a friend. You haven't added anyone as your friend so far and that's why you don't see anyone there.

    On the other hand, when you go through the dashboard, you may be going to another page where it shows the members who added you as their friend.

    I think this concept is not quite right. "Friends" is something mutual. I will look into this in more details and think about redesigning this.

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    So this works something like what twitter does. Someone is following you does not mean you too are following them. Likewise, if you are following someone - it is not necessary that they are following you.
    But, in Techulator- the concept of friends is mutual. Your buddy request needs to be approved by the member concerned. So the current concept needs overhaul.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    But Sir, I have approved the friend requests. And there was no other options given that I could do except accepting or rejecting the requests.
    Then all of them should be there in my friend's list. I can understand if those names aren't there whom I didn't accept or respond to. But why would those names not been shown when I have accepted their requests?
    In any social media site that is how things work.

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    Sir, even now there are no friends in my friend list. Hope to see them soon.

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