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    My points and CC reduced overnight.

    There seems to have happened some error while cleaning up the old files which seems to have been done last night. I have lost my points and CC overnight. The cc earned from resource responses seem to have deleted, though I am not sure about it. But, the points have been reduced for sure. Please look into it.
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    Maybe some technical changes have taken place due to which it occurred. I will request Tony Sir to check it out.


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    Thanks Vandana for noticing my issue. When I checked it the night before, the CC was showing up as 1820. In the morning, however, it was showing up as 1812. Hope to see the reply from Tony Sir.
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    The same has been experienced by me on Techulator much before. But I was suggested to look into my recent posts and calculate the whole cash and points credit. So I also suggest you to look into your recent contributions. The further doubts can be made cleared by Tony sir. He haven't replied to this thread yet, hope to see his reply soon.

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    My cc for forum responses was showing up last evening as 9. Now It is showing as 8. Likewise 8 cc were reduced in the resource response section. Can I please get the reason for it?
    Please note that I'm not complaining here, but am curious to know the reason for the same. Hope to see a response soon from Tony Sir.

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    I have deleted the unseemly responses after #21768. Kindly maintain the decorum of the forum. Needlessly having verbal spats creates a poor impression of the site.

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