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    Policies for Revenue Sharing with Core Group Members in MWC

    Dear Members,

    Earlier in the forum thread, Share your ideas to form the rules for selecting TOP 10 core group for revenue you have given your ideas and suggestions. MWC wishs to thank you all for giving valuable opinions. Keeping all your suggestions in mind, we have prepared the final policies for revenue sharing with the core members of MWC. Please find the detail of policies below: -

    MyWindowsClub Revenue Sharing with Core Group - Policies:

    First revenue share announcement will be made on first week of Sept and then every month. All the AdSense revenue earned from 16 June 2010 to 30 August 2010 will be shared on 1 Sept. 2010 with the core group. All points earned by members during this period will be reckoned for choosing the revenue sharing group.

    Initially, we planned to start this program in July itself. However, we noticed that there is no significant revenue yet to share among core group. But many members are contributing a lot. If we share the current revenue which is less than Rs 1000 per month, the core members will get very low revenue when compared with their contributions. But if we wait for few months, to share, we will have a much bigger amount to share for their early contributions.

    1. The program starts on 1st Sept 2010. During the first attempt, we will share revenue from all past months and consider all the earned points to choose the core group.

    2. We will choose top 10 contributors every month based on the total points earned during previous calendar month.

    3. The webmasters Mr.Sathish Kumar and Mr.Abhisek Panda will be included in revenue sharing every month until further announcement, making the total count of core group to 12.

    4. The total point earned by all 12 core members will be added together. Then we divide the total revenue to be shared by this total points. This gives the revenue share per point. This amount multiplied by the points earned a member during the revenue share period will be the share of the member.
    For example, consider the total points earned during the period by all 12core group members are 24,000. Assume the revenue to be shared is Rs 72,000. This means, the revenue share per point is Rs 3. So, if you earned 3000 points during the period, your revenue share will be Rs 9,000.

    5. The points earned from all sections will be considered equally to choose the core group. However, if a person has earned most of his revenue from polls, voting and referrals, he may be removed from the core group for revenue share.

    6. Points earned by editors for editing in previous calendar month also will be counted. Typically, points for editing are credited only few days after the calendar month, but it will be still counted.

    7. Points earned from receiving virtual gifts will not be counted for this program.

    8. Points earned from awards and prizes will not be counted for this program.

    9. Both webmasters will be given some extra points depending on their performance as webmaster and their role in leading the site. Such points will be counted for revenue sharing.

    10. Our Webmaster and Owner of MWC Mr.Tony John will not be eligible for the revenue sharing.

    11. Revenue sharing for core group ends on 30 June 2011 (12 full calendar months from the launch month). The last revenue share will be announced on 1 July 2011.

    12. We may launch a new revenue sharing program next year with different rules for the next year.

    13. The 12 core group members will be listed in our 'About Us' page. The core group may change every month based on new selections for that particular month.

    14. The revenue to be shared include 100% 50% of the AdSense revenue earned by MWC effective form March 2011.

    15. The revenue to be shared does not include the AdSense revenue earned directly by the members through their content. Only the Adsense revenue earned directly by MWC are shared.

    16. The expenses of the site like server rent, hosting charges, backup cost, administration cost, software license cost etc will not be deducted from the AdSense revenue to be shared. The 100% revenue we earn from AdSense will be shared to the 12 core group members.

    17. Cash credits to be paid to the members for the posts and the prizes offered in the site are not deducted from AdSense revenue. Instead, it will be sponsored by by using it's sponsored Ad (Ads by LakeQuincy) in MWC. After deducting the cost for cash credits and prizes, the remaining revenue from LakeQuincy sponsored Ads will also be shared with core group.

    18. If we discover any additional revenue stream in future, that revenue also will be shared with core group.

    19. Members selected to core group should sign an agreement saying they will not remove their content from MWC, will not republish the content anywhere else and will follow the rules set by MWC from time to time.

    If any of you have doubt or any other suggestions regarding this policies you can post you response here. We will surely consider your suggestions, as applicable.
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    Hi ,
    All the points in the final policy are correct in my opinion. The policy is transparent and democratic and thus thereis no prtiality here.
    It is very simple contribute more and earn more.But one thing is surprising for me that at present the earning is Rs 1000 only.Anyway let us hope for the best.

    Krishna Verma

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    I would not consider the current earning in MWC. We have no traffic from search engines yet. I can assure you that we will be counting our monthly revenue in 4 digits (US$) before end of this year.

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    The policies and rules are fine to me, by not by considering the polls, poll votes and member referral program. We will have for members, contributors and more quality contents in the forth coming months to bring more traffic to MWC site.

    Sure we will make more revenue to MWC by contributing more quality contents.

    Now the traffic is not real because our members are bringing more traffic.

    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    Hi Abhishek,

    Thanks for giving such an important information regarding the revenue sharing between the core members of this website. Its an very important to declare all the points publicly about the revenue sharing. So, that none should not have any query. Thanks abhishek for such an important announcement.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant Sultania

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    Hi Abhishek,

    The policies are quite clear and transparent.

    If we are free to comment on the policies, then I would like to mention that considering the core group depending on the points earned for editing also would be biasing the non editors.

    There are many active members who are non editors and would not be earning any points in that regard. So, I would like to request you to think again in this regard and come up with a solution.

    This is just my suggestion and do not have any wrong intention.

    Thanks and regards,

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    As editors are giving their most of the time in editing and are not paid so they will be given points for editing. So that they can be eligible for revenue sharing. Point for editing does not guaranties that an editor will be included in the core group. They have to also contribute more and earn points to get into the core group. All depends on the points as per the policy.
    Abhisek Panda
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    Thank you so much for the detailed information Mr Panda, The information provided is very useful, clear and legible. My appreciations.
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    Thanks for the full detail about revenue gave me the outline of MWC revenue sharing program.because i'm the new one.i don't know anything about this.
    thanks to Mr.panda for this excellent guidelines in a proper manner

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    Just my two cents.

    As the site grows in popularity the number of resources and the value of Adsense earning will also increase. The earnings will constitute new as well as old resources. Another approach to revenue sharing is providing 100% revenue for all the diamond members(who are active in the month).

    Consider the case of the person who is 11th in the point standings for the month and is just few points behind the 10th :)

    I would suggest, all Diamond members who earn more than a threshold of points for the month should get 100% earnings from their resources. Adding to that, the top 10,webmasters and editors divide rest of the earnings. Everyone is happy :)

    The current approach will have only 10 people interested in a month. Some might think that they will not make the top 10 and hence not contribute in that month.

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    Thanks Tony for this amazing announcements. This will make the members inspired and keep them contributing more and more to MWC.

    Hanly Y Nadackal
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