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    Delay in Article Checking

    I submitted my article around 4-5 Days ago but still can't see anything whereas before it was only taking 1-2 Days to get articles checked. Is there any issue?
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    Articles are normally reviewed over the weekends because that is when our editors get their time off their professional lives. You may be aware that our editors have a professional life of their own in addition to the responsibilities of being an editor of this site. Please be patient. Don't worry, your contributions will be reviewed soon.
    In fact, you can utilise this time to edit your article further and can add a few more details. Your content is safe with us and will be rewarded soon.
    Thanks for understanding.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I have submitted two of my articles on 21st and 22nd June. They are still on hold.
    I agree with Joy Joon, Techulator was never like this before.
    But I agree with Timmappa as well, because Techulator is our trusted site, nothing can go wrong in that sense, but sometimes you get to test your patience here.
    I think its worth that patience, as you get your cash credits someday or other. But yes, it may scare away many members who were active here earlier and also lower down the interest level that we are currently having.

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    Well, I just hope all those articles pending for a long time will get cleared this weekend. There are only a couple of editors who have been entrusted the duty of reviewing resources. If they get busy for some reason, the whole section gets to be standstill.
    We request your patience. And thanks for bearing with the wait.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I just have a query...
    I have seen that the rewards are based on dates, say member of the week, month etc. Even the ranking of the members are also dependent on their contribution within a time frame.
    But what happens if the writers post in time but their posts are not reviewed in time?
    Because now there is a disclaimer going along with the cash payments, that those posts which are in new submission or in pending status will not be counted for the monthly payment.
    Its not a complaint in any sense, just I want to clear my doubts, so that I submit articles on time.

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    I do not think we need to worry about new submissions and pending posts. Once these are approved, the cash credits assigned for them will automatically go forward into the next months credits and thus if the payment level is reached, will be included too.


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    Yes, I know that, I am just thinking about the time frame.
    Say, I submit 10 articles in June, but only five of them gets approved by 30th of that month and the rest gets approved spread over next two months, then even after dedicating that much time and effort in that particular month, the Reward doesn't come.
    That's how the system which is there doesn't stand upright.
    And this way, there may be a chance that members get discouraged. Had there been no such system of awarding the members, nobody would have bothered.
    Its just like missing out the party you were invited.

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    We usually announce winners for certain periods only after all posts during those period are reviewed. However, we use that disclaimer because there could be some odd cases we cannot review or some members may keep some posts on Pending status and do not re-submit on time.

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    Thank you Sir, but what I am still confused about is what happens if the posts doesn't get reviewed in time, like what is happening now.
    My question is whether the awards are based on the dates of submission, or on the dates of approval.
    That's all I want to know.

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    Awards are based on the date of approval. But if you have submitted the content in a particular period, it will be counted for the period of contribution itself even if it is reviewed two weeks later. That is the reason why awards are announced too late because we wait till all the contributions for the particular period are reviewed.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Okay, I think I got the idea. Thanks to all for clarifying my doubts and queries.

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    Thank you Anwesha for bringing up this discussion further from what the thread starter has begun. It is because of your active participation that we could explain the actual method involved in the award announcement.
    Live....and Let Live!

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