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    How to choose a topic that can fetch good traffic?

    Whenever I think of posting an article on Techulator, the first thing that occurs in mind is which topic can be the best right at this moment, as mostly all the tech related topics are getting saturated, especially in sites like this where writers are more in numbers than the number of innovations released every month.
    So, if friends here throw some light and discuss on this matter, I think it would be beneficial for all of us.
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    First and foremost, writing on a topic that you have mastery over will be more beneficial. Not that you need to have expertise in the subject or a professional qualification, but having a good knowledge would be an added advantage.
    Having said that, keeping an eye on the topic on the trending topics would be good to choose a topic. Have a look around to find what people around you have been discussing about will let you know what they want to know, and what they may search over the internet. Keep a close look at what keywords they may use while searching for the same.

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    That is what my question is, I can't watch anyone browsing the internet, nor do I have any way out to know what most of the people are searching for.
    Newspapers are definitely a good clue, but my worry is writing on a topic which has already reached a saturation point. And as you said, the topic should be of my interest as well as that of the people. So an over talked about topic will not catch much attention any way.
    So that's the fallacy, and that is the key to our success as well. I am not worried about KEY words, I am thinking about the KEY to create common interest.

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    I would suggest writing on apps, games and popular products on e-commerce sites. Instead of just mentioning features, you could check out the feedback from people who have played the game/used the app/bought the product. After writing the features, you can then put in "User opinions" or "Buyer feedback" and vary these words in each article.

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    My thanks goes to all for their valuable suggestions, especially to Vandana. All that would really help me a lot to choose a topic more easily and get better traffic.

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    For a topic that can fetch good traffic you need to consider few things:-

    1. Write on popular games, technologies, smartphones and many other which you think are the common needs of a person.

    2. You may select anything to write but its better if you write on anything trending.

    3. You may write on those topics for which you have much knowledge.

    4. For the summary of your article you may explain something interesting about the topic.

    These were some of the suggestions from my side as there have been much already suggested in the above responses. All you need to do is to consider those if you want to fetch good traffic on your articles.


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    I think checking other site and how they are fetching the keyword is what gets you traffic. I can tell you that most of the websites do heavy search on google for most controversial topics. Often the seasonal topics can be found for the website. Something like politics for traffic, or maybe women health etc. Such topic gets traffic all the time. If your content is unique and good it gets shared.

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    A quick tip: If you use an Android phone, please download and install an app called 'GTrend'. This little app fetches latest search trends from Google and displays what's 'in' at the moment.

    You can change country settings and see what's trending in other parts of the world and write accordingly as well.

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    Thanks a lot Amit. That bit of information was really helpful and encouraging. It also keeps us updated. Hope to make justice out of it.

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    I tend to use the Google trends quite frequently, though not through the app you mentioned. It helps me choose the topics that can attract more traffic.
    Thanks Amit for that suggestion to install the app. It would really be quite handy.

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    100% agree with you. Finding an unsaturated topic for a resource is the most hectic task for many people. Even I am one of them.

    However, there are some topics that are not saturated that much like apps, latest games, smartphones, how-to, tutorials etc. I try to write on these topics, therefore, it is very unlikely that they get rejected due to saturated topic.

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