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    Anticipating the next big thing in music - what will it be?

    Once upon a time there was the radio & transistor, the gramophone and LP records to listen to music. These are not so easy to find now a days in a store. There are fewer homes too housing them though they do abound in small shops everywhere. They are of an other era now, first taken over by music systems and walkmans and later by compact iPods and other portable devices in which you can store your favourite tunes. Now we even have music streaming services. So what do you think could be next?

    Let's have some fun in guessing the next big invention in the field of music listening.
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    I wish I could have been present in the recording room, when my favorite singers were delivering their best numbers. Hope this message catches the attention and imagination of a scientist and finally my dream comes true.
    We all can be virtually present in the recording room at the time they were singing.
    Are you listening Doraemon........

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    I was thinking that there are now gadgets strapped to the wrist which are in sync with smart phones. So maybe there will be a small music storage device too which can be strapped to the wrist!

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    That's a really good idea, and it would be more fun, if things like adsense senses what are our favorite songs and keep suggesting them in a queue. Its like having our playlist online wherein, we won't have to search for them and download.

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