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    How to integrate Infolinks with Techulator?

    I have an infolinks account and I want to know how to integrate infolinks account with my Techulator account?
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    Go to your member dashboard and under revenue settings, select "Manage third party revenue settings". You can choose the info links option under the radio buttons. Provide your info links account ID and WSID. You can get this info from your info links accounts integrate tab.
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    The step by step guidance for associating your Infolinks account with your Techulator profile are provided here:
    How to integrate Infolinks with Techulator

    Please also read the instructions about the number of Infolinks ad units which you can integrate for your Techulator posts here: Policy change for Infolinks ads


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    Good to know that you have interest in integrating Infolinks with Techulator. Its can be a separate earning for you but remember it commonly takes a long time to cross the minimum payout. So keep patience and one day it will surely pay you. Best of luck for your Infolinks earning. The steps to your question has already been stated by the members above. So just best of luck from my side.

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    I am not giving you the same instructions of integrating it, but just have a suggestion, that, after you do so, log out of your Techulator account once and then visit any of your own pages to see, if it is working fine.
    It is just to ensure that the integration has taken place properly.
    All the best.

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