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    Why are the youth obsessed about selfies?

    I have noted that, more than any other age group, it is the youth who are obsessed about selfies. At any place they will whip out their smart phones and start clicking selfies either of their own individual self or with the group which is with them. A young girl will eat some street food - click! A young boy will by chance be standing next to a fancy bike or car - click! A group of teens will just be standing around chattering - click!

    What on earth is this obsession with selfies?!! Have you noticed this trend? Does it annoy more than amuse?
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    The obsession has more to do with the low self esteem, or kind of it. They just imitate the bigwigs posting their selfies in social media and they want to see themselves in those big shoes.
    In many cases than one, selfies mean a lot for the self oriented people. Having such selfie-obsession will mean one starts viewing others harshly.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes, the most common age for being obsessed to click selfies is the "Youth generation". The answer to this statement is quite confused. But let me tell you frankly in my way.

    As they come across the age of 18 years, they start feeling like they have grown up enough to look up for girls. They mostly post their selfies on the social media sites they use, the apps they use for chatting like Whatsapp, Kik and others. Mostly everyone in the youth age likes to be stylish. So they are obsessed to click selfies. And what would be the better age rather than the youth one to click selfies. Its all better if they click selfies, what's harm in it? They can enjoy their life as they want. I guess this thread us of no use on this technology related sites so I request the webmasters and editors to please have a look to this thread.

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    Please note that this is the forum section and the post has been submitted in the club house section. The section is meant for informal discussion among members.
    Also please note that selfies are an offshoot of technology and so the thread has its presence here. Thread has been started by none other than Vandana who knows the guidelines very well.
    Having said that, to answer your point of having no harm in taking selfies, I would say it is ok if it stays within limit. We are talking about over use of it or obsession which, at times, goes to the verge of obscenity. Which is not good in any way.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I don't think clicking selfies has anything to do with low self-esteem. I think it is just that they want to ape the trend! It is typical to find youngsters trying to fit into whatever their peers are doing. They may not necessarily share the selfies on social media - they just want to click away in an aimless manner. It may be harmless, yes, but I feel that instead of constantly indulging in such an activity, why not enjoy whatever it is that is in the moment, such as enjoying the snack, conversing with friends, etc?

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    Timmappa Kamat,
    You think its not good, not the whole world. Youths are much obsessed to click selfies as its their enjoying time. After then they may be busy with their jobs and other. So what's harm in that if a young person click selfies, even if in bulk? Its their life, they can enjoy as they want. How can it be not good in any way. Its the only age when they are obsessed for it, not when they become old. You better understand that.

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    I am not stating that taking selfies is bad in any way, we are talking about the obsession with the habit. By obsession we mean too much of an indulgence is something. Like Vandana said, why not enjoy the moment than taking a selfie? I just hope that we are trying to have a healthy discussion here, not arguments. We are talking about the kind of selfies being posted in social media.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Firstly, I want to thank Vandana to come up with such a relevant topic. And of course it has got very much to do with the subject technology, as had it not been technically possible, there wouldn't have been this topic.
    Secondly, if we cannot relate, evaluate and bring technology with our daily lifestyle, there's no use of technology at all.
    Coming to the question, what I am feeling is, there may be several reasons behind it.
    1. It is trying to portray a self-image, the way the youngsters want others to look at them. Till this technology came, photos were always on other's control. The person had no choice on portraying how he wants himself to be looked at.
    2. This is a reaction to the social condition where finding importance among this overpopulated society has become a challenge. Though media is highlighting everything under the sun, where do a youth find a chance to get himself noticed?
    3. It is just the easiest way to exert one's own self, where nobody has time for others.
    4. The days of hero worship has gone. Now everyone only worships themselves. Appreciation for others are now backdated. This is the time to boast of one's own self.
    5. The media encourages this trait by allowing people to "like", but each individual fails to realize that everyone "likes" others to get back the same "like" for themselves.
    6. This "selfies" give a false sense of gratification, which never actually quenches the thirst of feeling "one's self-worth", so the trial is on, and on and on.
    7. It is a continuous search of the unconscious minds of the youth to find out their true personal identity.

    It doesn't annoy me, it makes me feel pity for the current youth. Hope they come out of this meaningless pursuit as soon as possible.

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    Selfies give an impression of one being totally self centered. I have seen people using their own selfie images as their phone background picture which shows that they have nothing important in their life than themselves.
    Psychologist Dr. Jill Weber has stated in one of his papers that people who post their selfies quite regularly, have low self esteem.
    What I feel is selfies have more of a personal perspective. If you take selfies just for fun, then it is okay. If you expect to get more attention and/or likes, you are on the wrong track. Create something new - say a new kind of fashion or nail art - ok, go - take a selfie and post it! In other words, a selfie that shows the creative side of you is always great than having multitude of selfies with just nothing to describe you, or your personality.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I feel taking a snapshot with a camera (not a smart phone one) is so much more less self-obsessive. You stand individually or in a group, with the occasion being worthy of capturing on camera. It could be on vacation or a celebratory occasion - there is at least some reason for it. Not so with the selfie - just pointless aim & shoot!

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    It's a generation gap thing, where we adults look at a seemingly harmless activity, as being a self-obsession. There's a reason smartphones have cameras, and pretty good ones at that.

    I think youngsters don't give a thought while taking selfies. It is now as natural as anything else they do. It is part of the new rage and a trend, and they are just being a part of it.

    It is not just youngsters; adults too have taken to this trend. Obama made headlines when he posed for the three-way selfie at Mandela's memorial?

    I think a selfie is just a way of capturing a moment. Click, before the moment is lost. Capture it, to relive it another day.

    A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak!
    Take Care

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    Well, Juana has given a completely new dimension to the discussion. Frankly enough, I never looked at this trend of selfies from the angle she pointed out.
    Even then, being totally obsessed with selfies cannot be a good thing though.

    Live....and Let Live!

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