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    What is Techulator is all about, How can one start earning here?

    I am new to and I want to start a thread that what is is all about and also want to know how much people are earning from here? You can give your responses as the answers. What should one do to improve here and also some suggestion about revenue sharing programme. Let's discuss here.
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    There are many ways you can earn from Techulator.
    1. You can post questions in the Ask Experts section.

    2. Answer the questions in the Ask Experts section.

    3. Post articles pertaining to technology topics.

    4. Post responses to already posted articles.

    There isn't any hard and fast rule for contributing and earning in this site. As you get used to the site you can develop your skills and grow.
    as for my own example, I started off with the AE section by posting some merely smaller responses. Once I got my confidence built up, it continued to be my favourite section. Later on, without having an iota of experience in article writing, I began trying my hand in it and today I have 29 approved articles.
    I would suggest you to start off with any section that you are comfortable with.
    Feel free to share your thoughts with us here in the forum section.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Timmappa has already given you the basic information. But I would like to add a few more things, which might be necessary to know this site better.
    That is, whatever post you contribute will be firstly screened by the editors, evaluated and then you would get your cash credits depending upon the originality and the amount of information you provide. Number of words too will be taken into consideration, but unnecessary prolongation is not encouraged here.
    Now coming to the matter of approval. Once you submit any article or answer, it goes to "new submission" waiting for the editors to check them. There isn't any definite period of time, when your post will be checked.
    Now, if there is some changes that has to be made from your side, the editors will put your post into "pending" section, and it will remain there till you make the changes and re-submit it.
    This time, again it will go back to the "new submission" category and would undergo the same process, and if things are all fine, it will get approved along with cash credits.
    What you need to remember is you have to strictly follow the format in which your articles has to be written.
    As a fellow member, I would suggest, that you save one approved article from this site, and practice the html tags of your own, before you submit one. This will quicken the entire process, and you won't have to wait in the pending status at least for technical reasons.
    Rest is your grammar, style of writing and originality.
    I think this much is enough for the time being.
    If you still have question, just ask here, we all are here to help.

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    To know how much members are earning, you can simply check out the Gifts and Awards tab at a member's profile page. Maximum earnings can be got from the articles section and next from responding to queries posted in the Ask Expert section. In the forum there is no real scope for earning as it is a general platform for discussion only and not an avenue to get cash credits.

    Regarding your query on how to improve, you need to work on:
    1. English skills
    2. Learning how to put a good title and summary for every article
    3. Using keywords effectively to get traffic to your posts without indulging in keyword spamming
    4. Using the correct HTML tags for headings, bullet points, numbered points, etc.
    5. Placing images in text but not using them in excess
    6. Submitting your article in your own unique style of writing
    7. Responding to forum threads and answering Ask Expert questions in a precise and concise manner without needless repetition.


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    To make you aware with this wonderful site there is much the members have already stated you with their responses. So I would also like to built up your confidence level which is the most essential tool for a member to reach at the top. Once you have the confidence with you, you could earn quite great with this site. So to built up the confidence I just suggest you to start your contributions with the Ask Expert section. You may also contribute your valuable content to the article section and Forum section. Product section is a separate section for which all the members are not allowed to post. Its up to the Ton sir whom he give the permission to post. And also consider few rules of this site. Some of the tips to get your content approved on this site are:-

    1. You need to have good writing skills in English.
    2. You need needed have a great layout of your content.
    3. You may write on the trending topics.
    4. You may share the trending and latest news about the topic.
    5. You need to have a great topic and summary in your article.

    There are many other which you'll come to know when you will start spending your time on the site. Now I'm just waiting to look for your contributions.

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    Why only my points are being reduced every time. What is thus going on. It makes me frustrated.

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    @Carlos, that's because you have been repeating what has already been stated in previous responses and adding unnecessary words just to make your post longer so as to get more points.
    Please don't go off topic in the thread- if you have any issue please report it to the team by sending private message.

    Live....and Let Live!

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