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    A copied answer in AE section

    Copied answer in AE section

    There is a copied answer in Ask Experts section. Here is the link to the post - Which are the top online to do list tools

    Look at the second response posted by an Anonymous member and compare it with the linked post below.

    Link to the original post -,top-5-online-to-do-lists.aspx
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    Thanks for alerting us. Let me bring this to the notice of the team.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks for reporting. I have deleted the answer and also removed his posting rights.

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    Well Muddassir, a great notice. The member has violated the rules and regulations of our site. And its great to see that his posting rights have been removed by Tony sir.

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    Just wondering whether there is any technical way to detect copied posts in Techulator. I think its time to automate the process, if any.

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    Editors have tools to check for the copied responses. But, sometimes they get overlooked because of human error. It is because of alert members like Muddassir who bring such violations to the notice of the team.
    Live....and Let Live!

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