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    How to write an Effective Article and How can we apply SEO on it?

    How to use SEO techniques in blogging

    Hey, guys a newbiee on, don't you welcome me here. As i am a new member here i want to know how can a person make their article which can tag their SEO in it. You know without doing SEO the article will not have any worth so want to know as a blogger what should one do to do Search engine optimization. I also like blogging too much. I am a technology geek want to share some knowledge of mine as well as want to take knowledge from the experts here. Just want to know the tricks to do SEO.
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    Good to know that you are interested in this very important aspect of the blogging world. Even I have been learning a lot about these things, courtesy Techulator.
    You may refer to the tips on SEO as shared by our members. Most of the tips are easy to understand and simple to follow.
    I would also recommend you to go through tips shared by Tony John Sir to gain a better understanding of the subject.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Welcome to Techulator. Before you learn about SEO, it would be advisable to improve your English. Use online spelling and grammar tools to do so. You should also always double check what you are submitting and avoid using short forms of words, such as i instead of I. Note that there are very strict norms for English when articles are reviewed and if you do not put in text with proper sentence case, punctuation, spelling & grammar, your article will simply be rejected. So, before you begin submitting articles, first use the forum as a platform to improve English. Submitting answers with proper grammar in our Ask Expert section may also help you.


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    I think the best way that can work as SEO or writing an effective article, is choosing a topic, which is not yet a saturated one, but people are most likely to search for it.
    Say, there may be some common daily life situations, to which Technology has stuff to make it easy. If you can think anything like that, it would add into people's experience, and they would search for such an article that provides such valuable information.
    So, just think what people around you might be looking for, write about it, once your article gets approved, share it in as many places as you can.
    Its all about knowing things and let people know that you know about it.

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    Sorry to point this out, but it seems you need to improve your English a bit as can be seen from your existing posts. I just hope you will not take it to heart , I would suggest you to go through what Vandana has stated in one of her responses to you and improve the level of English.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I don't think Satyanarayan has any problem with his level of English. The only problem is that, he is writing with the ongoing internet trend, where capitalization is not an issue, abbreviation etc are frequently used.
    Even in other forums, people are used to it.
    So that is the only change he has to make.
    So Satyanarayana, you are all set to start with your contributions here.
    But need to tune yourself a bit into the classical trend.

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    Could be, Anwesha - and I might have missed it. I have never indulged in the forum kind of language ( More so, I am not comfortable with it).
    Anyways, I would advice Satyanarayan to keep an eye on the trending topics and write on it using simple, lucid and grammatical language - without slangs - and submit the articles. Pay special attention to the punctuations and capitalisations. Starting off from forum and AE sections will help him hone his writing skills.

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    Firstly a hearty welcome Satyanarayan to our site. Its great to see you here. Its also great to know that you are interested to contribute your articles here. But let me tell you the article section is one of the well maintained section of our site and it needs you to write your articles with a great English Language. You must not have poor quality o English if you wants to get your articles approved. So well consider it before writing an article. The article section requires well written articles with no mistakes. Its not compulsory for anyone to write articles with professional words, you may use simple words in your article. These were also some of the tips to do SEO. Now coming to the major tips which are you must write articles on the trending topics which are searched by many people, you must have a well step by step layout of your article, you must write your article as if to fetch the interest of the readers. There are many other tips from which some have already been suggested to you by the other members. So I hope you'll take care of all those.

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    When, I came here and everbody ponted out my poor english and mistakes in english. It has hurted me but Anwesha has given some motivation again to me for writting here again. Anwesha thanks for favoring me. To all the editors and experts, "I am doing my best to improve my english as well as my writting. So thanks for pointing out my mistakes, I will do takecare of all these in my future post. I think this thread has turned itself into my english imrpovement thread, anyway thanks for all your responses. Anwesha, I am lucky that I got a friend like you, my first friend on, to whom I would like to say you, my digital friend.

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    Please note that our intention was not to hurt you. This being the forum section, it is our duty as fellow members to point our weaknesses along with your positive traits. We are here to help out. Do not take it as an insult. Improved English is the ultimate way to succeed if you really want to have a good prospects in website content writing. That's exactly the point we wanted you to understand and improvise on.
    Hope you understand.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Timmappa, yes I understand what you want to say. How can I improvise on it because you have to point out, where I am doing mistake. Else it is fine.

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    Blog play vital role in SEO. Your content have to follow some rule which are specially made for content like PANDA algorithm..Hope this will helps you
    I am working as Android Developer having an experience of 5+ yrs in this field.Also work as a Career Counsellor. and love to help other

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    an effective article must be unique and well written, it should be relevant to the subject and you can use your article main keyword in it for better SEO ranking.

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    Get your keyword research on.
    Include your target keyword throughout your article.
    Make sure to write about something people care about.
    You can read the articles of crawling & Indexing. It's better for you if you learn the technical SEO.
    You should be regularly monitoring your content using Google Analytics.

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    Hi Welcome, sir :)

    I want to give you some tips related to article writing.
    Write content that appeals to the interests of your target market or answers their questions.
    Don't always write about your service or product, keep your article related to the industry too.
    Make a list of key phrases and keywords for your article, it will be effective for your google ranking.
    Make your article without grammatical mistakes, give an attractive title, divide it into a short paragraph with subheaders.
    Include popular keywords in your article heading, subheading, it will be easy for google bot to search your content related to searcher keywords.

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    Thanks a lot for info!

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    * Create a search engine friendly title. Include 1-2 keywords related to your topic.
    * Optimize your abstract. Place essential findings and keywords in the first two sentences of your abstract.
    * Use keywords throughout your article.
    * Be consistent.
    * Build links.

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    To compose a viable article, begin with a convincing and significant point that intrigues your ideal interest group. Put together your substance into clear segments with a sound stream. Utilize succinct and drawing in language, supporting your focuses with proof and guides to keep perusers snared.

    Apply Web optimization to your article by directing watchword examination to distinguish pertinent terms connected with your point. Integrate these catchphrases normally all through the article to enhance it for web crawlers. Center around composing superior grade, significant substance that answers clients' questions and addresses their necessities.

    Make an eye catching title that incorporates your essential watchword. Use subheadings to separate the article into absorbable segments and make it simpler for the two perusers and web search tools to grasp the substance.

    Utilize inside and outside connects to upgrade the article's believability and offer extra benefit to perusers. Connection to other applicable articles or pages inside your site and legitimate outside sources to help your cases.

    Finally, remember to edit and alter your article for sentence structure, spelling, and arranging blunders. A very much cleaned article further develops peruser experience and expands its possibilities being shared and connected to, which can decidedly influence its Web optimization execution.

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    To compose a compelling article, follow these means:

    Pick a convincing theme that resounds with your main interest group.
    Structure your article with an unmistakable presentation, body, and end.
    Utilize drawing in compact language to really pass on your message.
    Consolidate pertinent information, models, and visuals to improve your substance's validity.
    Alter and edit completely to guarantee the article is without mistakes and significant.
    To apply Website optimization to your article:

    Distinguish significant catchphrases connected with your theme utilizing watchword research apparatuses.
    Incorporate these watchwords normally in the article's title, headings, and all through the substance.
    Upgrade the meta depiction with a brief outline that incorporates key expressions.
    Guarantee your article has legitimate organizing, including subheadings, list items, and inside/outside joins.
    Advance your article on different stages and sites to build its permeability and draw in backlinks for better web crawler rankings.

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