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    Regarding Ask Expert Alerts

    Alerts for AE responses

    This is just a suggestion, that, as we get alerts for the status of our articles, it would have been very useful, if we get the same for the answers we post in Ask Expert Section. Till date, we have to check each and every post we have done to know what is the status, and it causes a lot of confusion, as we don't generally come to know if something is wrong, unless we get restricted from posting further answers.
    And then after editing, that answer takes a lot of time to get reviewed. Sometimes, some of our answers didn't get through the editing at all.
    So, please suggest an easier way to check the status of our posted answers, so that we can make the changes ASAP.
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    As of now, there is no option to get alerts for the AE responses. With the large number of responses coming up in the section, it may not be feasible ( However, only webmasters can confirm on the status).
    Anyhow, it is a good suggestion indeed. Let us see what the team has to say about this.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes, we should get such alerts. It would be good, in fact, if we get alerts for any section in which we post and not just the articles section alone, namely the product reviews section too.

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    Well, firstly a great suggestion Anwesha. And I'm little confused for the advantages and disadvantages if the thing suggested by comes in practise. As if it would come then it may sometimes makes the member feel annoyed to clear up the notifications every time as the members post their responses in the Ask Expert section so for every response it might not be good to give a notification for each of them. And well it can also have a advantage for the members to know the status of their hard work they do in the Ask Expert section. So with this I'm little confused with the suggestion that it should be used or not. So I can't have one answer for this. It'll be good if you think according to the majority line. As the combination of the suggestions of members will always give the best result.

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    Thanks for agreeing with us , Vandana. But receiving alerts for every response that comes up for our questions will not be something great. I guess it would be nice to see notifications when the responses we have posted is reviewed - just like we get the alerts for the articles.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes Timmappa, you are right, in fact I am saying the same thing. Instead of getting an alert on "a new response posted", which is coming right now, is really unnecessary.
    Rather an alert on the status of the answer which we are posting as members would make it more precised and informative. Like, whether that has been deleted, pending or approved.
    That's all I was asking for.

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    I agree with you Anwesha, it will be great if we get the alerts for the status of our answers posted in the Ask Expert section like approved, pending or deleted. But I guess if a member contribute many answers in the AE section everyday so the notifications for all the answer getting approved, pending or deleted might make him annoyed everyday by deleting he notifications if they all get approved. But an article is a big thing than a answer in the Ask Expert section so members get encouraged if their articles get approved so its better when they get a notifications for the status of their reviewed articles. And as I said I'm little confused about he suggestion given by you in your thread as according to me it goes in both the ways. So I hope the other member on Tec will join using his thread with their valuable suggestions. But anyways its a great sugestion from you.

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    I request the members not to repeat the same things in each response. To the point discussion will prove to be more constructive than reiterating the things that have already been stated in the previous response.
    Now, coming back to the point of discussion, every contribution is precious for us as members - be it in AE, articles or even forum for that matter. There would be no annoyance as it would be a recognition for our efforts. If we can take care of umpteen number of spam messages in our inbox why not these alerts which are meaningful?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I agree with Timmappa, why will somebody get annoyed to know if his answer has been approved, or deleted. Even Yahoo Answers give you the alerts, so why not Techulator, when that has so much to do with earning cash credits!

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    Now, I also agree with you Anwesha. I already mentioned that I was little confused about the suggestion. But now as per the suggestions of the other members, I would also like to support the suggestion given by you.

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    Thank you friends for sharing your opinions. I hope, webmasters too agree with this.

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    It has already been noticed by the webmasters. Let us wait for the decision being taken by them.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Now observing the suggestions of different members here I'm completely agreed with the suggestion by Anwesha. Now I just hope for the webmasters to may agree with it.

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    I will add the alerts for Ask Experts section.

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    Good to see this change coming up in Techulator. It will help us in getting to know of the status of our AE responses so that whenever our responses are reviewed, we can get to know that without the need to check the responses individually.
    Thanks Tony Sir for the introduction of this feature and also thanks a lot Anwesha for bringing this need to the attention of the webmasters.

    Live....and Let Live!

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