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    How would I know that ads are serving?

    Hosted AdSense account on #Techulator.

    I already have Google AdSense account which is hosted account, which is get through AdSense API profile page. Recently, I have associated by Google AdSense account with this site by submitting my Google AdSense publisher id in "Manage AdSense account" page. How would I know that ads are serving on my written content page? Is there any method or something else to check the ad serving in this site?

    Thanks and regards
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    Hosted AdSense account doesn't work on Techulator. You need a non-hosted account.

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    I am sorry to dishearten you here because, as far as my information goes, hosted AdSense account is not accepted in Techulator. You can use the hosted accounts only in the sites you got them - as a rule. If you want to use your AdSense account with Techulator, you will need to upgrade it to a regular account.

    Sorry again for the bad news.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    How would I do that to upgrade my hosted account to regular account? Please, enlighten me.
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    I haven't been known to this thing before but know through the response given by Ankit in this thread I have been familiar.

    I hope you will not feel bad with the information. And I would like to suggest you that till you somehow get your AdSense account with Techulator you may start contributing here, which won't make you feel bad for sure. And you may also apply for your Infolinks account on Techulator. Sorry for the bad news you got. And best of luck for your journey.


    To know the easiest steps to upgrade your hosted account to a regular account you may go through the steps given below:-

    1. The first step is to "login" to your AdSense account.

    2. Find the Home tab and clock onto it then you'll need to click to the Account Settings.

    3. Search for this- "Only host sites are allowed
    to show ads for your account". Then you need to click to the "edit" link just next to it.

    4. Now the next page will appear to you, now you will be asked to give the home page URL of the site on which you wish to show the AdSense ads. Just provide the URL and hit off to the enter button.

    After that you are all done and the Google team review it. More more information you may switch to the link mentioned below which gives the complete details of it. And even its the URL of none other than our Techulator Ask Expert section. So the link to the question for How to upgrade your hosted AdSense account to regular account is given below:-


    Best of luck.

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    You need to have your own blog to be able to upgrade your AdSense account.

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    Carlos, please note submitting back to back responses in forum is not allowed in Techulator. Your second response has now been appended to the previous one. Please pay attention to this point henceforth. You can always edit your previous response and add the additional details.

    Also your suggestions about upgrading to the regular AdSense account are really welcome, but one should have his own website or blog to be able to do that.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I was thinking the same thing Timmappa Kamat, but I haven't added my response to the previous one because of thinking that if I do so then my response will be look like an article. So I haven't did that. But very thanks to you for informing me about this I'll take care of this thing in the future for sure. Thanks again.

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    If you want to upgrade your hosted Adsense account to normal/non-hosted account, then follow these steps :

    Firstly, you need to buy a new domain name. Then setup a blog on blogspot with this new domain name. After that, write some articles on your new blog. Add some important pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy etc. Wait for few months and then apply for the adsense account using this blog. After that, Google Adsense team will review your blog and if they like your blog, they will upgrade your Adsense account to the normal state. Then, you can use use this Adsense account on any site including Techulator.

    Note : A custom domain name is mandatory for this process. You can buy a domain name for 100-500 Rupees from GoDaddy. You can use Blogger as a webhost of your website for free.

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