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    Do we have better alternatives to WhatsApp?

    WhatsApp has evolved into the numero uno instant messaging service. Maybe there is no a single person who does not use WhatsApp. However we have also been seeing a lot competitors in the form of viber, WeChat and such other instant messengers. Are any of them a better alternative to WhatsApp? Do we find any major differences and benefits across these services?
    As Anwesha suggested in one of her posts, I wish to have a serious and informative discussion on the topic between our members. That's the reason I am posting this in the forum section. Can we have a few good comments from our members?
    Please refrain from coming up with vague responses which serve No purpose at all. Let us have a constructive discussion.
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    I am using Whatsapp messenger and Telegram messenger both. In Whatsapp, we cannot upload any PDF or word document but in Telegram we can send by uploading the document in any format directly through the chatboard. So, I think Telegram is the best messenger to replace Whatsapp from the market. Well, both have almost same feature but Telegram has something more and it is lightweight and run faster on android smartphones. This is my experience.
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    Does Telegram needs the member to be on it just like WhatsApp? What I want to know is can you send the messages to any user who has no Telegram installed?
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    Yes, I also guess that there would be only some rare people among yong ones and the teenagers who are not using Whatsapp. Whatsapp have reached at its maximum with its awesome feature like sharing videos, audio clips, images etc. Whatsapp now comes installed with a new feature to call some one on Whatsapp for free and due to this feature, Whatsapp gained a lot in its field. I also use Whatsapp on my smartphone. But well I guess there are many contender to Whatsapp like:-

    1. Snap Chat
    2. Kik
    3. Skype

    I like to use my Snap Chat app for the most. But I also like to use Whatsapp. This was my experience.

    To share PDF file through Whatsapp you can use a method which is:-

    1. Open the PDF file on your smartphone.
    2. Take a snapshot.
    3. Snapshot will convert that into .jpeg file extension.
    4. And as you can easily share images on Whatsapp, you can easily send it to anyone.

    Please note that its just a suggestion and members should not pull this to fight unnecessarily. Its up to the member if he wants to use it or not but please don't pull up this unnecessarily.

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    What is the use of so lengthy procedure to follow on Whatsapp to share a PDF or word document in jpeg format. It is better to use Telegram which enables the user to share the file directly without any conversion.


    No, there is no feature either in Whatsapp or other messenger to share information from one to another.

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    It was just a suggestion VIJAY KUMAR VISHWAKARMA, As I haven't shared any PDF file yet because I never need to do, I have not been using Telegram. Once I downloaded it on my smartphone and haven't felt much interesting in it so I uninstalled it but as per of you need to share PDF files than I guess Telegram is the best choice to use. I just gave that suggestion in my response so as to make members aware of a method to share a PDF file on Whatsapp in jpeg format and to inform them that its not impossible to make the matter send from PDF file to in jpeg file extension, that's all. Moreover Telegram is the best to share PDF files.

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    So, I was expecting a constructive discussion on the topic and it now seems changed route.
    I request members to be constructive in their responses rather than relying just on elongation.

    Live....and Let Live!

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