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    Just registered in

    Techulator newbie

    I have just registered, validate my email id and login to Wonderful website this is. Almost all features are similar to ISC. I love technology and want to contribute.
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    Welcome Vijaykumar to Techulator- the best and most reliable revenue sharing website. As you said since you are interested in technical matters, it would be nice to see you contributing in abundance to the different sections of the site. Since you are already aware of our sister site ISC, you will be comfortable using this site.
    Looking forward to a lot of contribution from your end.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Hearty Welcome from the members of Techulator. Since you are already a member of ISC, you must be used to its norms, but here you would be fetching more cash credits than ISC. Technology is a vast and one of the most relevant fields to explore. Waiting to see your first row of contributions soon.

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    Welcome to Techulator. Looking forward to see a lot of contribution from you soon.

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    Firstly welcome VIJAY KUMAR VISHWAKARMA to our site. Its great to see you here. And as per India Study Channel is its sister site it is also somewhat same like that. But I like to contribute my content only here as I got many fellow members here and I also have been familiar to the site because I'm using it from a long time. But you will also find some of your fellow members who are working on both the sites here like:-

    1. Vandana
    2. Juana
    3. Sukhdev Singh
    4. Ankit

    And as per you are an member at you would be very comfortable to be aware of this site. I hope you will start your contributions here on Techulator soon so as the editors can review it and provide you with some points and cash credit which encourages a member to contribute more. So best of luck for your Tech journey.

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    Warm welcome Vijay Kumar Vishwakarma Ji in Techulator. As you said in your thread that, this site is very similar to India Study Channel. Yes, its true, both are sister sites. However, in my opinion, this site is much better than ISC.

    I have read your forum threads in ISC and found them very interesting. I hope you will continue the same trend in Techulator too.

    By the way, looks like you are from Madhya Pradesh. I also live in M.P.

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    Vijay Kumar,
    Wishing you a warm welcome. Glad to know you hopped over and are enthusiastic to contribute to Techulator. The general layout may be the same as ISC, but be warned that there are stricter rules here governing quality of articles. That is, your English must be really good and far too short articles are not allowed. This is not to discourage you, but just to alert you in advance to prepare your articles well before submitting. One good thing is that you can get much higher earnings here for articles than at ISC, even Rs.100 or Rs.120 on a regular basis if the articles are really good!

    Note that while you can contribute in the articles and Ask Expert sections, the Product Reviews section is having restricted access. Only a few members have been given permission to post there after reviewing their contributions in the other sections.

    You can raise interesting topics for discussion in our Club House category of the forum. Although we are very few members here, we try to keep the forum alive.

    Finally, I must advice you to check out the ongoing awards & rewards. They are really super-duper!


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