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    Hi new to techulator :) guide me friends

    Guidelines for Newbie members.

    Hi all...
    I am new to
    Hope u guys are going gud here...
    please let me know how can I earn money from
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    Hi Mihad, warm Greetings from all of us in Techulator. Explore the site, go through the help topics, and more through the articles, you'll get a rough idea about how this site is running.
    Read carefully the guidelines of posting articles, answers in forum and in Ask Expert section. You'll earn cash credits and points for each of your posts, and if you have a Google Adsense Account, Infolinks or Conterra account, you would earn extra for the traffic you bring in.
    That's just a primary information. As and when you need, we are all here to help you out.

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    Hi Mihad, welcome to techulator.

    If you want to earn moneyin techulator, then answer questions in Ask Experts section. Post articles in the resource section. If you hava Google Adsense and Infolinks account, then you can integrate them with techulator to earn money from them. Read this thread for more information - On Going Awards and Rewards in Techulator .

    If you want any help, then feel free to ask in the Forum section.

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    A hearty and warm welcome to the best and reliable revenue sharing website.
    The best way to begin earning on Techulator is to start your journey from the Ask Experts section. Answer the questions being posted in the section. Make it a point to answer only those questions for which you have some sort of knowledge. Try to provide unique answers. This will also help you get more used to the environment here. Keep interacting with other members through the forum section. Feel free to ask for suggestions from fellow members.
    Once you have gained confidence, you can consider writing articles. But be aware that being a technology based site , we accept tech based articles. You may post articles based on finance and banking.
    Hope you will gain from the experience here and become one of the prominent members.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Welcome to our site Mihad! Before you begin the earning process, I would advice you to start with the learning process. That is, go through the various sections first. Spend a couple of days familiarizing yourself with how posts have been submitted in the various sections. Check approved posts to understand how to submit. Go through the Help section to understand the site better.

    It is also advisable to avoid emoticons and use of SMS short words such as "u". Please use complete words in all your posts in any section, including the forum.


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    Firstly welcome to our site Mihad. For earning money through this site you must consider few points first.

    1. As per its a technology based site so you must post regarding technology.

    2. You must spend at least of 2 hours a day on this website so as to get a little idea on how the members are earning here.

    3. You must recheck your content before hitting off the enter button as of you get a mistake you can correct it.

    4. You must contribute with your content which is valid on this website.

    5. You must contribute with good English.

    6. You must start your Tec journey through the Ask Expert section as its the basic platform to built confidence in you and once you have the confidence then you can write quite good.

    7. You must not break the rules of this site.

    8. You must take active part in the Forum section in discussing your doubts regarding the site.

    9. And what I think is open the dashboard from your profile and explore every option as its the best part to encourage you and to make you aware regarding many things related to this website.

    10. You must have at least of 100 points in the specific period to have a chance to get awards except for the contests.

    Now you may feel free to contribute your content on Tec and start your journey with the Ask Expert section. And if you have any doubt you must come up with it in a new thread in the Forum section. Best of luck.

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    @Carlos Solanki

    quote 2. You must spend at least of 2 hours a day on this website so as to get a little idea on how the members are earning here. qoute

    Is it must to spend 2 hours in techulator? Why are you forcing him to do so? It is his will, whether he wants to 2 hours or 2 minutes.

    quote 6. You must start your Tec journey through the Ask Expert section as its the basic platform to built confidence in you and once you have the confidence then you can warn quite good. quote

    Again, why he must start his Tec via AE section. Instead, he can use resource section or forum section for the said purpose.

    Firstly, as he is a new member, you should not confuse him with some unknown guidelines. Secondly, please do not elongate your responses with unnecessary information.

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    Answering the quote number two:-
    " You must spend at least of 2 hours a day on this website so as to get a little idea on how the members are earning here." You must read this quote very carefully before coming up with a issue to fight. If you read this quote carefully you would have understood that I suggested the member to must spend at least of 2 hours a day for a condition that is to get a little idea on how the members are earning here. With this its all clear that I haven't forced the member to must spend 2 hours everyday, I have mentioned the condition if you carefully read the quote you might have got it but rather then reading it carefully you came with a issue to fight unnecessarily.

    Answering the quote number six:-
    "You must start your Tec journey through the Ask Expert section as its the basic platform to built the confidence in you and once you have the confidence then you can write quite good." I was hoping that being an old member to this site you would have been known to thus site now, but if you wont understand such a common thing then its completely a wrong thinking for you. Now answering the quote, I have suggested the member above to start the Tec journey with the Ask Expert section because to built the confidence in the member as the contributions in the AE section are mostly approved or are being made pending by the editors to be modify by the member and if you suggested a member to star with resource section he might not built the confidence in him as the resource section requires the professionals to contribute not a beginner or a learner. So its all clear that a member should why start with the AE section. As with the AE section a member learn about the site and also as the members are awarded with the cash credit in the AE section a member always feels interesting and encouraged to9 contribute more and more to make money which a member won't make that much and not feels much encouraged to contribute here. So with it its all clear again that why I suggested the member to start with the AE section. But the noticeable thing was about it that even while spending much time yet on this site you are no5 yet ale to understand a basic thing about this site. So you must be sure about th3 issue before coming up with an issue to fight.

    Now coming up to the blames against me,

    Answering the first, All the quotes or points mentioned by me are all useful for a learner to this site or a newbie to this site. So I don't think the guidelines given by me are to confuse a newbie. So there is no issue for this.

    Answering the second, There is no unnecessary information added to my response and as the response was for a newbie so I suggested as many possible points to him so that the member can understand quite good.

    And for creations such an issue unnecessarily everyone may have a idea about your personality so I request you to please not to create issues for unnecessarily. And if you still won't listen to this then its all of for me to answer all the blames against me as I contribute what is valid so I have a answer for your every blame against me. So I hope you'll not continue like this in the future. Grow Up.

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    Carlos, this would be the final warning to you against unnecessarily elongating your responses by adding unnecessary words. And stop getting into an argument with the members just for the sake of it. We will need to take Acton if the same continues.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Timmappa Kamat,

    I have just answered to the unnecessarily blames which were put on me by your friend Muddassir. As if I would not have given the answers then the other members would think those blames as right on me which were actually wrong. I would have stopped before if Muddassir haven't put up those unnecessary blames on me. And I will stop now if you request him not to do so again.

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    For goodness sake, gentlemen! Kindly desist from getting into a spat each time you respond to a forum thread. Here we should be welcoming a new member, not quarrelling and taking the thread off-track.

    The forum is an open platform to express one's views, give suggestions, put forth feedback, etc. So do not pounce on any member please for responding in a particular way. Leave it to the forum editors and Webmasters to deal with it instead of hitting out at each other in this ugly manner. Instead of reacting like that, if you feel it necessary, then report it to me or the Webmasters. Let us deal with it. Kindly cool down and don't create unnecessary forum wars. Let's please enjoy this wonderful site and not have heated verbal duels.


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