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    Is BlackBerry coming up with an Android?

    Facing a stiff competition from Android and iOS, the once powerful BlackBerry is struggling for prominence. There have been rumours suggesting that BlackBerry is considering coming up with an Android device. After the rumoured Android tablet from Nokia, now does this new leak has any substance? Is BlackBerry really planning an Android device?
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    You should have asked this question in AE section.

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    Well, Muddassir - I thought on the same lines and had posted the question in the AE section. But I was asked to post the query in forum section. That is because the question has no solid source or proof backing it and as such might not have qualified to be in the section. The query is completely based on the rumours doing the rounds in the tech world.
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    Yes, this topic is better for general discussion. As such, it is not some kind of query for experts.

    Regarding the rumours, I too have read about a supposed Android smart phone which Blackberry may launch in September or October perhaps. Apparently it will be a touch-screen device with an affordable price tag - at least, hopefully, less expensive than previous devices from the Blackberry range!


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    Well Timmappa Kamat I have also read those rumors. That BlackBerry is going to launch its new smartphone with a Android, well it was a surprising news for me at that time because I never like BlackBerry for some reasons. But recently I also read on web that the rumors were all fake, BlackBerry is well launching its new smartphone but not with a Android and the smartphone will be launched around the month if November of this year. But I'm not sure for the news because I haven't seen any news related to the new Android smartphone from BlackBerry.

    I just read on web about the rumors. "A few days ago, there were rumours about the Blackberry's first Android-powered smartphone codenamed Venice - might launch in November. However, a new report is suggesting that the Venice might not run with Android at all."

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    CEO of BlackBerry has come up with car fiction in this regard over the last few hours. He has confirmed ed that BlackBerry will go Android way only if they can make the phone secure enough.
    He was talking on the rumours about the launch of a BlackBerry running Android. Newer rumours have been suggesting that the new android device from blackberry is codenamed Prague and likely to be released in August this year. It will be a low end device with similar design as BlackBerry Z3.
    However there has been no confirmations from BlackBerry about these rumours.

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    Its great if BlackBerry release its smartphone with Android and even it'll be a great contender to the other smartphone releasing around the month of August. So we'll have a great choice to choose the best one for all the upcoming smartphones.

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    Blackberry has yet to release the final statement on which OS they are going to take for long term. Some say they want to go with Windows OS. Some are saying that they are likely to use Sailfish OS. And finally there is a rumor about them going with Android. So we have to wait till the time they officially come up with statement for long term strategy. For now, I guess they are going to experiment with two or three OS and then finalize with one.

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    A US journalist specialised in gadgets has tweeted about the new smartphone based on Android from BlackBerry. He has also posted pictures of the smartphone named Venice.
    The device seems to have a QWERTY keyboard.
    Here is the link to his twitter account.

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