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    How about a career in SEO?

    I have come to see a few placement ads showing the position as "Digital Marketing Executive". What exactly the position means? The job profile states that the incumbent should be Internet savvy, have a flair for new software, be a fast learner and have the ability to write content for websites and social media.
    Is such a job really worth it? Are there any growth prospects in it? The position is related to SEO as I can clearly make it out from what has been described. I just want to know the pay scale and the growth prospects in this field. Wish our software experts shed some light on this.
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    No responses yet? Waiting for your suggestions...
    Is it worth It?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    As my knowledge goes, a career in "Digital Marketing Executive" isn't limited only to SEO oriented stuff. it is an equivalent to the advertising copy writing job which is focused mainly on creating online presence of the organization.
    The incumbent primarily would have to excel in the field of creating inquisition and curiosity along with some credibility on the organization. It has to be attractive and appealing enough to draw enough traffic and inquiries that would transform into solid business.
    A sound knowledge in social interaction through social media etc.
    Salary range would vary depending upon the profile of institution or organization it is. Even govt. jobs nowadays are in search of such people. so depending upon how much business one can get into, one can draw his/her salary.
    I think it IS surely worth it for those who have a good flair and command over language.

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    Thanks for that valuable information, Anwesha. It really needs a lot of creativity and a good knowledge of social media interaction. I was contemplating on switching to it, but being a novice in the field have been a bit apprehensive.
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    No Timmappa, your vibrant activity in Techulator shows you are quite capable, so why don't you give it a try?

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    The job will need me to have a great understanding of keywords and all. I feel apprehensive because I am not qualified or experienced in the field of web hosting , coding and such web related ideas.
    By the way, is there any need to have in depth knowledge of web site creation or networking or any such practices?
    Thanks for the encouraging words though.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I don't think so. All those are technical stuff which is the job of software engineers. The position you are talking about is the creative part that needs only good command over word play and sense of communication. At best a good know how regarding how to use the latest apps and software.
    Key words are also not that tough a work, I guess, as we can guess what people might be searching for in general and use them cleverly in our punch lines etc.

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    Those again were some valuable inputs. I have been initiated into creative writing for website by techulator. I can not claim myself to a great expert in word play. But, the position and the profile attracts me a lot. More so because - maybe writing (and reading) has always been my passion. And choosing a career in what you are passionate about will definitely bring out the best in you. That's the reason I have been contemplating to switch. But the all important question is whether it would be worth it. Because it will be total shift for me for being a mechanical engineer by profession- will I be able to do justice to the responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Executive?
    Let me think over it for while again and decide.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Perhaps those having a SEO certification would be more likely to get the job. They might also want to see any SEO-related work you have done. If they do not want any formal certification as such you could give it a go. Find out the work hours involved though and if you have time for it. Is it a work at home offer?

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    Firstly I would like to suggest you that you must not think of the money while thinking to get any job. The thing you must consider is your interest in that specific field, if you have it then you can earn good from any job as you will have your interest which will make you to do your best and best thing are always worthy. And also in the rapid growing in the population of India its very difficult to get a job so if you can get any job of your choice you must accept it so same is the case here. If you have your personal interest in that field you must go for the job. And when it comes to answer for is it worth it the you must know that your interest is indirectly related to it as I stated above that the bests are always worthy. And as per that job will also approve your writing skills and will also extend the knowledge you have then then you may also have a good earning for the sites like our Techulator. So that job is going to benefit you in many ways so you must go for it. And what else if you built a name in your society.

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    @Carlos, can't you stay on topic and offer some practical solutions? I am not looking for the first job. I'm already working and just want to see to it whether switching to a new field is beneficial. I am not seeking a generalised suggestion. My query is specifically directed at the particular SEO related job.
    Please stay on topic.

    @ Vandana , maybe it's a office based job. I have given the written test and have not decided on anything right now. Let us see.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    That's cool if you're already working somewhere. Now switching to the new field related to SEO is much beneficial according to me as per my far experience on Techulator yet I found you to be attracting towards anything related to SEO so that's clearly shows your interest in the field and if you have the interest in it then its surely going to be beneficial for you. And if you do SEO related job then you will get some extra additional advantages which are:-

    1. You will have a chance to extend your knowledge while being with professionals.

    2. You will be more comfortable in creating a blog and making it to success.

    3. While being on such a job you will also get to write articles like professional content writers which will be much beneficial for you as for your blog and also like if you contribute your content on the sites like our Techulator.

    4. And even you can make much amount of money with the SEO related job.

    5. As per the experience in the SEO field you will be able to have a chance to do some extra additional jobs.

    So finally according to me it is surely going to benefit you if you go for a job related to the SEO field. And best of luck for the written test you given.

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    Since you asked about pay scale and growth prospects too, I had a look at various forum discussions on the Net about those entering the SEO career field for the first time. It seems even a fresher having good knowledge of the field can expect a hefty salary of over 1 lakh a year.

    It is not all about just optimization of content though. You need to have knowledge too about web analytics applications. I have no idea what exactly this involves though!

    As for growth prospects, I suppose with more experience you could expect more pay. Also, as Carlos said, with the experience you gain doing this work, you could perhaps branch off independently with your very own website. Wouldn't that be great!


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    It would be, indeed. But given my qualifications which do not have anything to do with SEO, it might be difficult to get the job. People will not believe your abilities when you explain yourself. hey want documents.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Its good Timmappa Kamat if you maintain the positive thinking. I hope you will get the job in the SEO related field. And I guess you have little knowledge about SEO in comparison to what would you learn with your job. Mostly the things depend upon the written test you gave for now. As if you scored well in it then there would be not much need to explain yourself. So I hope you will score good in the written test and everything come on your way. So best of luck.

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    Thanks for the wishes by all the members. Let us see what develops.
    As of now, I must say I am happy with the performance I have been putting up on Techulator.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Your welcome Timmappa Kamat. Not only you all the members on Techulator I guess are happy with the performance you put on Techulator yet. I just hope you will keep up with the same pace and best of luck for the results.

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