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    Excited being at No.1 in the list!

    Though I do not want to sound egotistical or boasting of myself , I am very much excited on being reached the No. 1 position in the top performers list for last one year. I am sure I will be thrown out of the place within a couple of days ( or maybe hours), yet it feels great to share the joy of reaching the topmost position with my fellow members.
    It has been very much heartening experience for me to be at the receiving end of warmth and co-operation from the team as well as the fellow members. Having been able to achieve such feats within the 5 months of my association with Techulator, I am really humbled and honoured at the same time.
    Thanks guys for the support without which I would not have been able to do it all.
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    Congratulations Timmappa. You achieved this within a very short span of time. Congratulations. Keep up the good work.

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    Thanks Tony Sir for those motivational words. As I said before, it would not have been possible without the support and cordial relationship here on Techulator. I owe all this to my fellow members and the core team of Techulator.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Very well done. Reaching 1st spot in just five months is definitely a huge achievement. Just keep the hard going on.

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    Thank you Muddassir. As I have been repeatedly saying, it was you who introduced me to Techulator. And it was because of you that I have been able to achieve it. So must say, I owe it all to you.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Congratulations on this super achievement Timmappa! You seemed to have reached that milestone very smoothly, but we know the effort which went behind it. An additional feather in your cap to go with all your awards, which you get so frequently. Happy for you & best wishes on your onward journey.

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    Just noticed that you are a Diamond level member now. Congrats once again.

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    Well,Muddassir, I have reached the level of diamond member sometime last week. Thanks for noticing it.
    And thank you Vandana for one of the excellent congratulatory message. Your words truly show the depth of your understanding of the efforts being taken by the members. Thanks a lot.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes everything is being on your way Timmappa Kamat and that's only the result of your hard work I guess. So well done and keep it up for being performing well on Techulator. I hope you will keep the same to to amend the history. And being a Diamond level member isn't a small task but you made it just in short time. Well that's hats off to you. And I guess there is much you got with the Ask Expert section and that's because of your hard work in that. You have been great in that section from around the beginning, you have been helping out the members with your responses on any kind of problem and I guess everyone likes it. So keep contributing here on Techulator. And keep encouraging the fellow members.

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    Thanks a lot Carlos for this congratulatory message and thanks again for your good wishes.
    By the way, I don't like being said that I am "helping" someone. I have just been sharing the knowledge I have and that has always been the key to whatever success I have got. And also I do not believe in restricting myself to any one particular section. I have been as active in all the sections of the site as in the AE section.
    Thanks again .

    And a suggestion - Please do not elongate your responses with unnecessary words. I t does not look good while reading. Put your thoughts to the point instead of unnecessarily elongating it.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Your welcome Timmappa Kamat. And yes you have shine up in mostly all the sections we have on Techulator. And I hope that you will keep up the same. Well I guess as the purpose of this thread has been answered I guess this tread must be closed now or it will be elongated. And if any member wants to discuss anything related to this thread he or she may start a new thread in reference to this thread. I request the editors or the webmasters to please close this thread.

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