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    Why Techulator has suddenly come to a standstill?

    #Techulator is active

    Its not that any posts of mine is waiting for approval, but generally I am watching our favourite site Techulator slowing down in pace. All the sections except the Ask Expert, are showing no fresh content which those used to.
    This is making me feel jittery in keep posting articles, because even month old articles are waiting, so what's the point in putting more pressure on the editors?
    Please participate here in this conversation, and help in keeping up the spirit, which have been vibrantly visible in Techulator.
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    Thanks for asking! We are all very much here and active. I suggest you also to actively contribute and together we will make this a great site.

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    Articles of around a week are waiting for review. This happens at times when our editors get a bit busy with their personal work.
    I would suggest Anwesha ad other members who have similar doubts to keep contributing to the site. Your contribution will be reviewed soon.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Hi Anwesha,
    Please don't worry about pushing pressure on editors!

    As Article section is edited by only 1-2 editors, unavailability is a common issue leading to backlog. However, the back log was not exactly 1 month old as that was only 1 article which had been reviewed twice and sent to pending for more corrections but was still stuck in the New Submission list. I think it looks a little better now. This backlog too should clear up in the coming weekend.

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    In fact, I found a couple of articles have been reviewed over the last couple of hours after this thread was created. So, I would suggest Anwesha to keep contributing.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks everybody for participating in this conversation and relieving me from the underlying tension. I found myself really lucky to get in touch with such a site, that provides such a wonderful platform for budding writers.
    Why I felt this was not only because articles were not coming up regularly, but also a stagnated forum, where there was no lively activities except for the announcements.
    I was really missing the communication with our fellow members. So thought of starting one.
    We can also continue here by suggesting better ways to pep up the site activities, if that isn't going to create a technical problem for the editors again.

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    We should come up with good topics for discussion in the forum to make it lively! Also, sad to say, nobody seems to be interested in creative writing participation via the forum, not even those who are active forum participants.

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    You are right, we can talk about the pros and cons of the latest technology going on. In this way we enrich each others knowledge and our site becomes more valuable and informative.
    Those topics can also come up in SEO when people search for such information. It need not be always a problem related issue, just opinions also carry a lot of worth.

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    I do agree with what Anwesha has suggested. Bringing up a discussion about latest technological developments will really liven up the forum in lot more ways than one.
    Also we can carry on with the discussion of the nature brought forward by Vandana in a couple of her threads ,n the forum before.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    One more suggestion for our site is including likes and dislikes like other social media sites would add some boost to our opinions, one need not write another post to support the same views. Though we have the voting feature, but at present it isn't appearing to be that active.

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    Well, having a like or dislike button on the forum or anywhere in this site will not be a good idea as far as my opinion goes. That is because unlike regular social media sites, Techulator has a different niche.
    Any how, that does not mean I am stopping anyone from coming up with such ideas. Maybe other members have views that differ from mine. Let us wait for other members to come up with their opinion on this matter, and let the team decide on whether this can be implemented.

    Live....and Let Live!

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