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    Forum points reduced

    Points for forum response have been reduced to zero. I could not find any solid reason for the same. When I had done the same in one of the forum responses before , I was asked by webmasters not to do so. I was advised to refrain from it unless it is a case of successive posts.
    Now can I get the reason for reduction of my forum response?
    Here is the link for the response .
    And here is the link to the link for which I had to restore the the reduced points to original.
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    I too faced this reduction in points in forum section. Don't know what was the real reason behind it. Hope the reviewers will look into this post.
    Thanks & Regards,
    All I Can Do Is Be Me!

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    Your points have been reduced because that is a contest thread, there is no need to respond unless you have a query regarding the contest or you are submitting an entry to it. Your first response was completely unnecessary. Such responses make the task of the WMs difficult while checking out the entries of contests as the thread gets elongated.

    However, the type of responses you were suggested against reducing points were where members MIGHT be trying to elongate their responses to earn more points. When there is a grey area, we give the benefit of doubt to members.

    This case however is not a grey area and you are not the only one whose points have been reduced.

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    Thanks for informing. We will surely avoid unnecessary replies on threads here after. Still I have a doubt on the below thread in the response #21431.

    Thread Link:

    In this thread, I just submitted my entry for the article contest, but the point is reduced to 0. Could you please explain, what I did wrong in the reply?

    Usually, we are commenting/replying to those threads for encouraging other members to try it and making the thread more visible to others. Apologize, if we elongate the threads making difficult to the webmasters.

    Thanks & Regards,
    All I Can Do Is Be Me!

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