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    How to Find Pics For Product Review Articles?

    Images from articles on #Techulator

    Techulator frequently announcing article contests on various topics especially on new hot products. My question is: how can I find the pics which I would like to include in my articles. Due to copyright issues I can't really find the pictures from web sources. I would like to get suggestions from various techulator members, on how they find the pics which are used on their own articles.

    Example: The pics are necessary, if the article is about mobile review. I found lot of articles here with pictures on it. Can anyone led me through?
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    If you don't have images made by you, we suggest you do not include any images to the articles. In case of product reviews, you may be able to take images from the media kit distributed by the product manufacturers. They may not mind even if you take some images from their official website. However, when such photos are used in this site, Google will consider them as reproduced images and will not give any value to those images. Moreover, when a large number of such images are found on this site, Google could even penalize this site, which we don't want to happen.

    So, our goal is to reduce the use off reproduced images as much as possible.

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    Thanks for the reply sir. I got the point what you stressed about the reproduction of the images.
    I know the pictures even from the official websites do some harm to the article SEO in search engines like Google. But, how we can post a article about a mobile phone with no images of it. I think it will affect the response from the visitors as it will be considered as a boring article.

    Will posting one picture for one article, will affect the site badly? I found lot of articles in which the pictures are not owned by the authors. I would also like to hear from them, like Tony sir suggested.

    Thanks & Regards,
    All I Can Do Is Be Me!

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    Try to limit the use of such images. One image per resource is fine. If possible, try to modify the image a bit by adding borders or by combining multiple images . That might help a bit in SEO by making it look like a new image to search engines.

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    Sure Sir, That's a great tip. I will surely combine images before posting here. Thanks!
    Thanks & Regards,
    All I Can Do Is Be Me!

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    Those are great tips on images in articles, Tony Sir. It has always been a pain in the neck for me to find proper images to be added in the articles.
    As far as as app or software reviews are concerned, you can install it on your system and take screen shots. Issue arises when you are posting articles on products.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Tony Sir,
    You mentioned adding borders to the image or to combine multiple images to make it look different. Isn't it against copyright laws to fiddle with an image, even if taken from the official media release or the official website of the product? Please clarify.


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    The images distributed for the media are free to use and adding some borders to them may not violate any copyright laws unless your intention is to abuse the images.

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    Moreover, you can also add a caption to the image for better ranking.

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