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    Everything You Need To Know About Ethical Hacking

    Article on Hacking

    My article is unique and free from plagiarism and not copied from any web sources.Please consider my article.Given below is the URL link of my article:
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    Your article has been deleted due to quality issues and not due to plagiarism.

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    As per my opinion,quility of article is good and unique too.How should i procced further??is there any other way to re-submit the article?

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    "As specified more than any individual who is getting access to the web properties with the authorization of the owner or the administration can say that it is included during the time devoted to Ethical piracy and requiring no break the firewall the organization and enter the property without former notification to the holder and may be carried out for different reasons, such as to spray the property, tightening data to offer or for individual use, to coerce, to acquire more effective and well on."

    If anybody except you can understand that then hats off to that person. They must work for the security agencies for decryption codes because that is all I can say about those sentences!

    Even your above response is in poor quality. I would suggest staying away from the Article section for a while and try to improve your English through the Forum and Ask Expert section meanwhile.

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