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    Please add "Microsoft Edge Browser" in Ask Experts category

    Microsoft Edge browser

    A request to Webmaster,

    Please add "Microsoft Edge Browser" in Ask Experts category and expert type.
    This will classify and distinguish Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge Browser.
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    Good suggestion indeed, Paresh. Hopefully, the request will be granted.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I think too many categories will make it confusing for members to choose the right category. How about merging them all into a single category called "Browsers" instead of Chrome, Internet Explorer etc?

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    Yes. It will be good to keep only 'Browsers' as main category instead of many.

    Other browser names like Firefox Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer should be 'removed' and all the relevant questions to be migrated to new 'Browsers' category.

    This broad category will include current and future browsers too.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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    Thanks for the suggestions, Paresh. Let me wait for some more comments from others and then finalize.

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    Both are fine I think. Having one more category or a single one "Browsers".

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    As per my knowledge, having a single category named "Browsers" will be the better option. It will lessen the confusion in the minds of members, especially the newbies.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I too think single category for Browser is a better option.

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    Tony Sir,
    The main heading (category) is already Internet & Browsers. I do not think we should have again Browsers as a separate category. I do think it is easier for members to post their queries related to specific browsers as per the specific ones now provided, namely Firefox, Chrome, etc. The reason why I think this is that I feel people can identify with these individual names rather than the word browser. As a non-techie person myself - you will probably laugh at my ignorance - I did not even know what a browser meant in the first place till after I joined ISC!! So for similar knowledge-deficient people like me, the word browser may not be understood at all. They are more likely to think, "My query is about a Chrome feature, so I will post it in Chrome category" rather than thinking "Where to post my question? I could not find any category for Chrome."

    Hence I would recommend adding Microsoft Edge too. In essence, when implementing features at a tech site, you sometimes do need to put yourself in the shoes of a non-tech person & try to understand what that person may be looking for.

    You could perhaps add 'Other Browsers' at some later stage since, down the years, with the way technology is advancing, we can certainly expect more browsers!


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