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    Which is best mozilla or chrome?

    Compare Chrome and Mozilla

    We all know Mozilla firefox and chrome are good competitors but which is best.
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    In my opinion, Mozilla Firefox is better than Google Chrome. Chrome is a RAM eater.

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    Well, even I feel so. Chrome eats too much of a RAM. I guess Firefox is better than Chrome. But, feature wise, Chrome has some great usability.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Not being a techie person, I am not too sure of which has better features. All I want is to be able to connect to the Net!

    In what sense exactly does Chrome have great usability as mentioned in #21442?


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    I don't think usability is a very big concern nowadays. Chrome might have some great inbuilt features, but Firefox too has tons of useful add-ons to increase usability and productivity.

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