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    How to put affiliate link for an image in an article?

    Affiliate links on Techulator

    Webmasters, we are allowed to give affiliate links in an article which is an entry for a Techulator contest by using the shortcuts feature. I have done so for some of my contest entries. Now I would like to know if we are also allowed to give an affiliate link to an image which we place in the article. For example, if I want to put the image of a product or a banner, can I give the affiliate link to it? If yes, could you explain how to do so since we do have the embed image in article feature when putting an attachment but I do not know how to put the affiliate link through it.
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    We do not allow using images as affiliate links unless the image is attached to the article. Most affiliate shops will allow you to generate scripts that displays images. But scripts are not allowed within the article. Linking to images in third party websites are also not allowed since the images may be removed by them later and our site will look bad without image in future.

    The bottom line is, images are not allowed as affiliate links.

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