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    Add internal links and earn more money from Techulator

    Add internal links and earn more on #techulator

    In order to encourage internal linking within our site, we will be considering the number of valid internal links as an additional factor while awarding cash credits and points. The more links you have, the more points/cc you might be given.

    Please link to relevant pages using relevant anchor text/keywords.

    Try to include 2 to 5 words in the anchor text. For example, consider the following sentence:

    To get the best discounts when you shop online, you can use cashback sites and online coupon websites.

    You may change the above line as shown below:
    To get the best discounts when you shop online, you can use cashback sites and online coupon websites. Check out some of the best cashback websites in India.

    Avoid changing partial terms as links. For example, if you see a term "coupon websites", do not change just one word to a link. Both the words are considered to be a single term and when you link, both should be considered together.

    Link to only related articles from related keywords. Avoid giving a different meaning to a word by linking to a contextually different page. For example, if you see the term "Windows 10", you should not link the word "Windows" to a furniture related page.

    There is no hard and fast rule on how much points/cc will be given per link. The number of links will be considered as a valuable factor and editors will reward cc/points according to the best judgement by them.

    Avoid linking to Forum from other sections, unless absolutely necessary. You can link to any other sections.

    This is applicable in all sections of Techulator.
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    That would be a great initiative. Thus will help us get more page views.
    I just look forward to see more of the members will tend to provide internal links - valid ones - so that both the members and the site work towards mutual gains.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Tony Sir, I have a few queries:
    1. You have mentioned that the instructions are applicable to all sections. So can we give one or two internal links to a product post in the Products Review section?

    2. Is there any maximum limit to the number of internal links in an article so as to avoid an impression of spamming?


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    That's quite useful as well as interesting as it will help both the member and site to fetch traffic in bulk. Even I have seen few members providing few valid interlink in their responses in the ask Expert section which is quote useful to get addition cash credit and points too. I will also keep this thing in mind while posting my valuable and quality responses in my favourite Ask Expert section. I will provide as many possible and valid interlink of the site in my responses to the Ask Expert section. But I guess this thread haven't got much attention of the members so I would like to request Mr. Tony John to please start a new thread in reference to this thread so as the member can actively participate this time and you may fetch their attention towards this useful issue which will be beneficial for both the site and the member. It will then surely modify the responses of the members on Techulator to put up as many valid interlink of the site in their responses.

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    Members have been made aware of the importance of adding internal links in their contribution. We have been seeing a lot of responses and other sorts of contribution having a good number of internal links. I do not see any need for an additional thread for the purpose.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Well being an editor I guess you know well about that and if that so then I also guess that there is no need to start a new thread for this valuable message. I just suggested that in my above response because I found that there were very less comments in this thread so I guess it haven't got much attention and also I found only few members providing possible and valid links in the Ask Expert section so I just suggested. But if think that there is no need for that then well its ok.

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    Members should not respond in a thread without checking the date of the thread. Merely because a thread is not locked does not mean that one should post a response in it.

    I will lock this thread now since its purpose is served & to avoid more members needlessly responding in it.


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