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    Little help regarding social media posting

    Learn how to share your content on social media.

    I have seen that after posting article on techulator we are informed to share the post in social media by adding # tag. Please give detailed information how we can post in twitter and Google plus. As in Example only Facebook information is there. Please explain by example how to pos in other social media like twitter and Google Plus. If we have to post in any other social media please inform.
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    The way you need to use the hashtags is exactly same for all social media.

    For example, if you are sharing an article about AdSense, you can use the following hashtags:

    #AdSense #Google #EarnMoney #Advertising

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    Simply copy the URL of the content page you want to share on social media and paste it after logging in to your account. Add up a few words about the post you are sharing. Add the hashtags as you wish. For instance, if you are sharing an article about Moto E2 smartphone, you can these hashtags - #motorola , #Moto E2 , #MotoE 2nd gen and so on.
    If you want me to explain it on how to share it on Google+, typical.steps would be as follows -
    Open the article you wish to share.
    Copy the URL of the page from address bar.
    Visit Google plus.
    Login to your account.
    Write a few words about the article you are sharing. If your shared article Is about Moto E2, you can write something like " Waiting to get more details about Moto E2? Check this out for a good deal of info on #motorola #MotoE2 in this article on #Techulator "
    Paste the copied url just below the above lines.
    Add additional hashtags if you want.ij
    Clock on post.
    Make sure you are posting it publicly.

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    But make sure to use attractive words to describe your content so as you can get more number of visitors on your shared content on any social media. Without them you might get the difference between the number of visitors and the rest steps to share your content on the social media has been already described by Mr. Tony and Mr. Timmappa Kamat in their responses above.


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    Rather than using attractive words, better approach would be use trending keywords. That would be more helpful in getting more visitors.
    Live....and Let Live!

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