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    How to post responses via techulator experts google group

    I have been fortunately invited into the and from
    there I am able to post answers in the ask expert section.
    But when I am going from that link to post my answer no other answers are visible as it is in the ask expert section in the site of techulator.
    As a result answers with the same idea are been posted, which is unnecessarily getting credited cash rewards.
    It would be better if the members can get to see what others have already posted.
    This way techulator will save in money and make more sense.
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    Good idea indeed. But it would not be feasible to do so. Why cant you check the responses before posting? I guess you regularly visit Techulator.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    That's what I am saying, that if I go from the Techulator site, everything is fine, but if I go from the Google Groups, then this particular problem arises.

    What I am curious to know is, the significance of the google group activities, say, if there is any special benefit by posting from the Google group link.

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    I do not think there is an special benefit of posting from the Google group link. The point is to simply alert members of that Google group about the Ask Expert questions. As you rightly pointed out, it is a disadvantage of not knowing which are the responses as it makes no sense to answer a query when a response similar to/same as yours has already been submitted. The thing is that the questions automatically get shared as per some kind of automated system and not manually (I think). So the best way would be to open in a separate tab the techulator site and go to that Ask Expert thread to see what are the responses already posted. Then, if nobody has given a response similar to what you wished to state, you could go ahead and answer it via the Google group link. This of course involves a little extra effort!

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    It is just web app created using Ask Experts RSS feed, I guess.

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    I think I got the clue, but it was just a suggestion to make the core team of Techulator a little more active and vibrant.

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    One of the reasons we are not showing other answers is, it will influence the author. By seeing the other answers, the author will feel like posting similar answers. By hiding them, we will get some unique answers from each member.

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