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    What do you think of net neutrality?

    The issue of net neutrality has gained much importance of late. With the consumers becoming more aware of the trends in the western world, they are strongly vouching for the net neutrality.
    There are few under the hood plans coming up from telcos notable among them being and AirTel Zero. How do you think they have been affecting net neutrality? Telcos have been arguing that the concept holds no value in today's world. They insist that a premium model is needed if the internet has to be developed further.

    Which side of the fence do our members stand? Come up with your ideas and views on this ever important issue.
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    Looks like no one is interested in this hot topic of recent times. Sure, it is going to affect all of us netizens given the fact that smartphones have been our constant companions for all Internet based needs.
    Come on, friends- come up with your ideas.

    Update- I have come up with an article on the topic - Net Neutrality- What Is It All About? .

    Live....and Let Live!

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    In my opinion, India should have a law for net neutrality. The premium model of telcos is a hurdle in the way of "Digital India" campaign. They are trying to charge consumers for using some important services ike Whatsapp, Skype, YouTube etc. which is not a good approach from the the point of view of an average Indian internet user. This will adversly affect the usage of internet in India.

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