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    Java and HTML what do they do and how do they differ?

    Are they both the same thing in essence. Im asking this because I really want to learn how to program. I get confusing answers from people who seem very experienced but I thought the more information the better. Any answers to better help me understand which is what and so on reguarding HTML and Java is appreciated. Mark Mallord
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    Well, I am not a programmer but I have little bit knowledge about them.

    HTML : HTML is not a programming language instead, it is a markup language. It is used to create web pages (web designing). It is not possible to create complex applications with HTML. However, you can create basic apps like an application full of static pages etc. with it. HTML has a defenite number of tags/codes for different functionalities like 'b' tag for bold text, 'u' for underline text etc. It doesn't needs logics, therefore it is very easy to learn. I suggest you to learn it first.

    Java : Java is a powerful programming language. You can create complex apps through it. With Java, you can create apps for Android, Windows, other OSes and devices. You can also create web based apps with the help of Java. It is completey based on logics, therefore, it needs more focus and brainstorming to understand.

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