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    Use of images in AE section

    I like to know when i post answer in AE section there is only one option to attach image in attachment.

    Can I upload images in blogger and show in AE section if needed.
    can I use "Insert Images" option in Resources and then post link in AE section.

    Please guide.
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    Good to see your eagerness to improve your AE posts. But I am sorry to inform you that images are a strict NO NO in Ask Experts section. It has been communicated to you in a previous query of yours here on ft he forum - about using table in AE responses.
    Please note that the AE section expects to get short and precise answers. As Tony Sir has already stated we don't need long essays in AE.
    However, if you have more information on the question being asked, you have an opportunity of coming up with an article on the subject. MiThen you can provide a link to your resource in your AE response. Please do not give link to unreviewed article.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    The Insert Image option for articles is meant only for that section and not for any other section. Also uploading an image in blogger and then giving it as a reference also would not be allowed since it would mean spamming the blog.

    Could you tell us why you wish to attach a response to an AE response? We allow attachment of an image to an AE query if it is related, say, to a technical problem and the person posting the query wants to specify through the image that problem (e.g. image of an error message which appears on the screen).


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    Although, it is a good suggestion, but as Timmappa and Vandana ma'am said, it is not allowed. The only option is to upload the image as an attachment file.

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