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    Will free messaging services cause the death of emails?

    Death Of Email, IM VsEmail

    Emails replaced postal mail. Writing letters have become a thing of the past with emails taking over as a quick form of communication. However, I wonder whether even emails will eventually go into oblivion. After all, today a majority of people who have smart phones find it more convenient to use WhatsApp and other free messaging services to get in touch with friends and colleagues. Sending a quick SMS with words compressed into alphabets has become so easy that why bother typing out an entire email is what most people probably think!

    What are your views on this? Will emails die a slow death and become defunct?
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    I do not think emails will die so easily. They are the tried and trusted means of communicating with each other - especially in the business world.
    Almost everyone has a email account. The best part is you can send mails from any service provider to any service provider. That is exactly what makes it more universal in nature. As in the case of Instant Messengers, you need to be on the particular IM provider as the recipient to be able to communicate with him/her. You do not have such limitation in case of emails.
    One more advantage of emails is to you can compose a single mail and send it to entire team by marking copies to individual members. Yes, I do agree that you can create groups in IM and send messages, but you do not get the kind of the selectivity as in email.
    Well, as long as the business stays, emails will always stay. It is the best source for written communication of which you can maintain chains. So long as you do not clear it, you can always have the history of communication.

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    Well, I don't think so. Emails are not going to defunt anyhow. I agree with you that, instant messaging services Whatsapp, Hike and Snapchat are becoming very popular day by day. But their most notable downside is that, they are not reliable as emails. IMs are not portable as well. Most of the instant messaging services are usable only on mobile devices. They aren't portable as email services like Gmail, Y! Mail, Hotmail and others. Just like IMs, emails also works instantly. It hardly takes one or two minutes to recieve an email from someone else. As already said by Timmappa, emails services are universal in nature. We can send an email from any Gmail ID to any Hotmail ID or vice versa, or to any other email ID as well. But we can't send a message from Whatsapp to Snapchat or vice versa. Their main motive is to compete with each other instead of popularising each other. For professional use, no one can replace emails. When we create an account on a website, it asks for our email address. So as to confirm, whether we are real human or a spam bot. IMs can't do it. All in all, emails will remain alive.

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    I think that free messaging services will cause death of emails soon. As we get many facilities to use Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike and many more which are even liked by mostly all and are also very famous across the world than the Emails. So mostly everyone is preferring to use these application rather than using Emails. Emails are also used across the world but by such interesting applications available across the world the percentage of the people using Emails at present is going down which finally indicates that Emails will be not in use soon. Emails will be completely replaced with such applications. But at present Emails are also used an such applications are also used to connect the people across the whole world.

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    Good to see you coming up with your contribution to Techulator. But please note that this is a more than a month old thread. Pulling older threads is not encouraged in Techulator. You are advised to refrain from doing so in the future.

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    I don't think free messaging services can cause the death of emails but possible to reduce a bit in this fastest world. However, seeing all around the budding tech fellows, I feel email usage may increase percentage wise.

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    Even though, the question will rise in everyone, I don't think email will replaced by instant messengers.

    Instant messengers are usually used by friends, colleagues etc. and emails are used for official purposes. Even though instant messengers are simple and easy to use comparing to emails, they are vulnerable to threats. The pieces of information sent through them are not secure as we think. They can be hacked more easier than emails. On other hand, email services use more secured encryption over the information, securing from threats and attacks.

    Thus E-mails will be a major communication medium, whether instant messengers predominates the world. You should also keep in mind, if they predominates beyond certain level the internet service providers will charge specifically for them. That's how "internet neutrality" came into existence. :)

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