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    Asking in AE with different Rules

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    First I want to clear that I am posting this query to clear doubts and not as complaint.
    When I ask question in AE It ask me to give details about asked query in 250 character. So I have to add unnecessary lines in my Question which is not needed. But I thought that if it is a rule I have to follow this. But yesterday I have seen a Question asked by Mr. Timmappa Kammat :


    If you see this question It has only 150 character.

    Is there different rules for different members in different sections on TEC ?

    One more Request:
    I am able to ask only 5 question in AE and after that I am restricted from asking more queries. Is it possible for TEC to allow me to ask more few more question before restricting me from asking question.
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    The rules are the same for all members, including those who are editors. You are likely to see fewer characters in the text after a query is approved because one of the jobs of the editor who reviews an Ask Expert question is to remove unnecessary parts of the text. So if you too add anything needless and the editor feels it is repetitive, those words/sentences will get deleted. For example, sometimes a visitor to the site will submit a one line question and then add lots of ????? or .................. or other useless symbols. Others will repeat the same one line in multiple ways to fulfil the criteria of minimum characters. The editor has to understand what is the main question and accordingly change the description (the text) and remove the needless parts. If necessary, the editor may add some text too to give the query depth.

    As for the restriction on number of questions to post for a member, this restriction is in place for one excellent reason: we do not want reams of AE pages filled with only questions and no answers to it. What happens is that then such pages are "blank" in the eyes of search engines. That is to say, there is no content at all, just a few lines' query. This is not good for the site at all. Hence we would prefer that members add good content by answering as many queries as possible rather than posting infinite number of questions, most of which will remain unanswered.


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    Please understand the question I have asked.

    Please check the image in attachment. You will come to know what I want to say.

    How a query will reach to editor without submitting. Before giving appropriate description of 250 character we can not submit the question.

    But the query i submitted as example is of only 150 character.

    Hope you will get what I want to say.

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    Vandana has clearly answered it, Mukhtar. While submitting the query, you need to reach a minimum count of 250 characters. Unless you do that, your query will not be submitted. That's the first part.
    Once you submit the query, it comes up for editing. Now, the editors may find some part of the query not suitable or unnecessary. There may be language errors which are also corrected by the editors. So, while doing this the character count may come down to less than 250 characters. Thus, the final question you see in the section will remain less than 250 characters.
    To put it in clear words, even the editors or the team members need to abide by the character count condition. As for my query you mentioned, I too had submitted it in 250 or more characters, editors have changed it to what it stands as of now.
    Hope you understand it now.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I fully understood your query and that is why I responded. An Ask Expert query cannot come up for submission unless and until the requisite criteria is met. I myself have seen that message come up when I tried to post a query & had to add more characters to it.

    When I saw this thread in the morning, at that time itself I checked the edit history of the Ask Expert query which you have asked about. It does show that the descriptive text has been changed, which indicates that it was the editor who reduced the number of characters and not the person who posted it. As I said, repetitive sentences or excessive keyword usage can be removed by the editor as per the editing guidelines issued by the Webmasters.

    I hope you are convinced now as I don't know how else to further make it more clear.


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